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Lots of Momentum, no brakes, precious little democracy but…?

Ian McNicol and Tom Watson both desperately tried to make jokes about Momentum during their Labour conference ‘prodigal son’ speeches. Here’s mine: the thing about Momentum is that once you have it, it’s hard to stop and hard to steer and for a first-time conference delegate, ****** hard to see where you’re going.

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On reviewing a book I haven’t read

Well I’ve never done this before. The book is Citizen Clem by John Bew. The pic at the top of this article is from the Ken Loach film, Spirit of ’45. When you’ve read this book review, if you’re interested in all the talk of Jeremy Corbyn being like (or not like) Clement Attlee, I suggest you watch that film. It’s probably better than this book, and it’s more likely to contain the information that’s relevant to us today: