Alas poor Amber

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary. Oh, you noticed. She’s getting lots of sympathy from her Tory colleagues… They always do that – so sad, to have to leave the ministerial role, and fall back on a salary that’s only three or four times what most of her constituents have to live on, in her job as a back-bencher ie, an MP.

jamaicaSo sad, that she has to settle for being the well-paid MP of a town where poor people are going hungry, and people who aren’t poor yet are shunted from one insecure home to another, due to the criminal shortage of decent housing (courtesy of the new Home Secretary).

As for those who think she was ‘just’ covering for the PM – well maybe she was – that seems to have been her job most of the time since the election – to go out there and look bad, so the PM doesn’t have to. Do you feel sorry for her? Because she got the horrible job (for a hundred times more than you will ever earn) of helping to shield this government while the Grenfell people go without decent re-housing, while the Windrush people live with doubt and fear, while our nurses and carers and firefighters wilt from exhaustion, while our country sinks further and further into debt, poverty and the black hole of an unknown Brexit? (What is David Davis doing these days?)

ruddy specsaversJust one mistake? But the Tories, generally, are trustworthy, well-educated, efficient, you can trust them with the economy…. really?

Here are some examples of famous Tory efficiency – on the left, a leaflet from the ‘CONSERATIVES’ on the right, Rudd’s one paltrey election leaflet, which ended mid-sentence. It did, really.


That’s how much care and attention she gave to Hastings in June 2017.



Tory caring…

Windrush victim denied cancer treatment

Tories ‘saving’ Ore library

And then there was the business with the toilets…

But why take my word for it – here’s a compilation….


As for Rudd’s final mistake – It wasn’t just one mistake. As Michael Rosen put it,

Amber Ruddney lied on Monday, revised on Tuesday, clarified on Wednesday, corrected on Thursday, backtracked on Friday, altered on Saturday, resigned on Sunday

…and her departure as Home Secretary doesn’t bring us a better MP – yet. But there is something we can do. There’s a local election on Thursday. You may not find council elections very exciting but look at it this way – if we can seriously reduce the (already small) total of Rudd’s Tory councillors’ votes, she’ll be thinking about her (now very slim) majority and she’ll be thinking of going elsewhere (she only became MP for Hastings because it was convenient for London and ‘winnable’.

campaignersWell it ain’t winnable any more – and after what the Tories have done to our train services, ‘two hours from London’ doesn’t always work out too well.

But don’t you go worrying about poor Amber. People like her are always well provided for. I heard, for example, there’s a little something waiting for her in Panama, whenever she decides she’s tired of politics.

Do Hastings a favour – do yourself a favour – go out on Thursday and vote for the councillors who’ve seen us through the horrors of the Tories’ austerity years better than many in other towns have done – better than Tory councils have done.

new faces

Or vote for some fresh new faces – or do both – you have TWO votes on Thursday, May 3rd. Make sure BOTH your votes say ‘NO’ to Rudd’s Tories and ‘YES’ to a better future for Hastings.

Thursday 3rd May Hastings local council elections – have your say!






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