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They Shall Not Pass

Nae Parasan is the story of the 1974 boycott of Chilean engines in a Rolls Royce factory in East Kilbride. When Bob Fulton shouted across the factory to his colleagues that the engines they were working on were destined for Pinochet’s Chile, something amazing began. Film showing and panel discussion, Hastings, 15th Feb 2019

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Many Happy Returns to the Women of Eastbourne CLP

I’ve always liked Eastbourne – but thought of it as a gentle sort of place, for walking and thinking. I now have it filed under words like ‘exciting’, ‘friendly’ and – yes, ‘socialist’.

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Council Steps up to the Climate Challenge

On 14th February 2019, Hastings’ Labour-led council unanimously passed a ground-breaking motion that’s been talked about around Hastings for some months, committing them to address the climate crisis in every way they are able to under government restrictions.

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Are you going through the motions?

Battles rage all around us in political parties, in councils, in Trade Unions and special interest groups. Often, the passion of the battle is a membership infuriated by the discovery that the organisation that holds their loyalty is acting against their beliefs.