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Dear Labour Party…

A message to Labour Party members about the current conflict over ‘sex’ and ‘gender’

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Afghanistan is talking to Hastings

180 years of conflict and misery, and no end in sight.

[Note added in August 2021: Hi, thanks for visiting this blog. The text here is about a book released by Maya Evans two years ago, but it’s coming up in search engines because Afghanistan is, sadly, in the news again. Here’s a link to a much more up-to-date report by Maya Evans. ]

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Read old books, write new stories

A people who might endure: a people who might find their way back to living lightly, living innocently…

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All Good Things Come in Cycles

Or – how to pay for Basic Income

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Schadenfreude? Revenge? – Blessed release?

Some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our country were among those who put in the work and made up the songs that got those who survived it through the Blitz.

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Things to think about on Tuesday in Parliament Square (and a Wednesday update)

Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar (Remainers) withdrew from Tuesday’s event because Eddie Dempsey (Leaver) would be on the same platform. Is that right? Is that what I heard? There’s been a lot of that going on lately.