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The day we almost saw what Eton Boys really think of us (amended post)

On 29th November, The Daily Mirror carried a front page that told us what Johnson thinks of us but…

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We have now seen Women’s Rights Declarations from women in all the major parties.

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The situation in our schools had a huge impact on the last General Election so the School Cuts campaign have been on tour, making sure people know how the land lies in this one.

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For the lonely and the frightened

I’m fretting because it’s raining and windy, and our election activity for today (street stall) is probably cancelled. What can I do instead? Why does it matter so much that it hurts?

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Biased media getting you down? – this is what you need…

It’s so great to be under General Election Campaign rules again. You can forget the garbage in the papers and on telly, go out campaigning and meet real people out there discussing real ideas.