Please have pity on the PWATTDWLRWPTDSE

Please have pity on the PWATTDWLRWPTDSE

I’ve had some grumbles from the People Who Are Trying To Destroy Women’s Legal Rights Whilst Pretending To Do Something Else. They say I’m blogging far too much, and posting my stuff about the place far too much.

Well I would not want to annoy the PWATTDWLRWPTDSE, and looking back, I do seem to have been a little prolific lately.

I DEFINITELY don’t want to wear out the eyes of those who are trying to *protect* women’s rights, so I can assure you that it’s temporary. I’ve found myself sitting here more hours per day than normal lately because someone has needed someone in attendance this last week or two, but the invalid is improving fast and soon, I won’t be sitting here quite so much, so you won’t maybe get *quite* so much from me.

In the mean time, sisters, please don’t annoy the PWATTDWLRWPTDSE by sharing this week’s “long read for the weekend” – that’s this one (link below the pic)…

overton window diagram
The Tom Watsons of Feminism

….and please ESPECIALLY don’t share it in groups where lefty women will see it. When you’ve done that, please make sure you don’t share this one…

school bullies image
Never let a bully win

… which I wrote because a lot of people round my way didn’t realise that this one…

Ballot Box
To speak or not to speak

… was about how best to react to being bullied over the whole TWAW thing. (You do get that I’m relying on you to be as contrary as I am, when I say ‘don’t share it’, don’t you?)

This one, however…

Honesty flower
Are we being honest yet?

… is about how even when we’re really *trying* to be honest, we sometimes find we’re still being led into talking other people’s talk, instead of our own (that’s why it’s got an honesty flower on the front.)

This one of course, was in response to all those MPs who set themselves up for a bit of Twitter fun by holding up big pink card, just because someone told them to…

Whole bunch of MPs virtue signalling
Useful Idiots

So if your MP was amongst the Great Embarrassed, probably best not to share that one in groups around your way.

It’s probably better to share one of these, that I wrote when the fall of Roe v Wade really was not as much in the news as it should have been…

Be My Baby header
The Vital Message Hidden in These Songs
Coat hanger - caption 'never again'
Abort! Abort! Abort!

Oh, but I went and got a bit controversial again in that one – and anyway, I’m told women shouldn’t be too mouthy on their Reproductive Rights campaigning these days…

‘Women Silenced at Edinburgh Abortion Rights Rally – WPUK

So better, perhaps, just to share this post from WPUK, so women remember to keep it down a bit, or this one, all about women keeping it down a bit…

Woman power poster
“Calm Down, Dear!”

But – you know, entirely up to you of course. See you next blog post!


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  1. Great to have these brilliant blogs in one handy posting! And rest assured, I wouldn’t dreeeeeaaam of sharing. I’m far too kind to wear the eyes out of the PWATTDWLRWPTDSE. Or to trigger them into any grumbly complainy cancelly activity.

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