Can we adopt this as our anthem, please?

Bette Midler

Love is an action, something that is born, grows and lives, not something you hope will land on you. The sisterhood knows that. I’ve always loved this song –

Can we adopt it as our anthem now? For all the women, battling for the sake of sisters and daughters, and for the women who will come after? They are called hateful but they do it for love.

We need a love song.

Can we adopt it for the girls born into this world of sexism and disparagement, treading the road to womanhood with such trepidation, for those who reject it, and for those struggling to rediscover it?

 Can we adopt it for the men who’ve stood up and spoken out for the women’s campaign, and for the trans men and women who saw the problem, and tried to help us sort it out?

Can we adopt it for those who know, but have yet to find their voice – because they will, soon, now…

Click here to read about, and listen to, The Rose

Can we adopt it, because a woman called Amanda McBroom had such a wonderful idea for a song, and because Bette Midler decided to rescue it, and can we adopt it because I have always loved this song?


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