Being different can be a bit challenging…

Horace Burp: Lizard Boy Hero

…especially if you’re a kind of different no-one’s ever heard of.

Horace Burp book one
Wishing Shelf Bronze Award winner 2016
Category 2 Books for 6 – 8 Year Olds
Horace Burp book two
Wishing Shelf finalist 2016

Horace Burp’s life is about to change but he doesn’t know it yet. The day his skin goes green things start to get colourful.

Then he goes red, then yellow, then blue!

Faced with the bullying Beefy Bogey Gang, a crazy vet called Pongo Fish, some escaped rattle snakes and a manic PE teacher, Horace finds his chameleon powers* can come in pretty handy.

Horace Burp, Lizard Boy (aged 8)

Wicked fun!

*A chameleon is a colour-changing lizard.

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Meet Horace Burp’s family, friends, and er… some other people he knows…

In book two…

Horace Burp can flick his tongue, change colour and climb like a chameleon lizard.


Is there a cure?

Does he want to be cured?

A vicious cat, a lost dog and coffins in the dark – all that and the bullying Beefy Bogey gang, as Horace and his friends Chu Fatt and Tina Tiddles lose themselves underground in flooding tunnels.

Will Horace’s special Lizard Boy powers save the day again in this hilarious, action-packed follow-up to the Wishing Shelf Bronze Award Winner…

In book two, Horace Burp’s family, friends meet er…

some other people…

And finally, to find out more about the book, and about Chris

(she wrote the story)

… and Rob…

(he drew the pictures)


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