A suitable MP?

Can you imagine living in a house in a super-fashionable little corner of a south coast town without having any idea of house prices? Can you imagine being responsible for the people of that town during a housing crisis and being so blasé about house-prices that your casual estimate of their value is over £150k out? That is what just happened to Amber Rudd. Watch this…


You may say it’s a little slip and it’s petty to go on about it but if so, please consider two very important points:

Very Important Point number one:

Amber Rudd is the constituency MP for Hastings and Rye. There is a housing crisis in this country, and it is particularly acute in Hastings and Rye. Last summer, Unite Community ran a Housing Crisis street stall in Hastings, and didn’t need to approach people to ask them to take part. People came striding up to tell them most urgently about insecure housing, rip-off letting agencies, families being evicted, hopeless, endless waits for council houses, utterly unaffordable houses being built, land left unbuilt on… the list was endless. Here are a few examples.

And yet Rudd seems to have far more important things to do that talk about the problems of these people in parliament. Hastings’ council leader Peter Chowney is standing against Rudd in the general election, so keen is he to bring the problems of Hastings and Rye to Westminster. Here’s his take on the housing situation…


Hastings and Rye is serious about getting rid of Rudd – so much so that the Green Party have withdrawn their candidate so as not to split the vote, and people have been writing ‘evict Amber Rudd’ on walls around the town. One local constituent has set up an entire blog, just to demonstrate why she’s not wanted…

Rudd's house in Hastings
A photo from the blog, ‘Rudd’s Record’ – Constituents visit Rudd’s house in Hastings, on the day she abandons the Dubs children.

Click here to read Rudd’s Record

And all that was before the Conservatives’ sell-your-granny manifesto came out. Another candidate in Hastings and Rye is a bank whistleblower who is standing purely to get a chance to talk to Rudd at the hustings about financial corruption. We need to remember here that Rudd is wealthy enough to figure in the Panama papers, wealthy enough have a fashionable little cottage in Hastings Old Town to use on the odd night she is forced to spend in the constituency (thus making the housing crisis in town worse by one more usually empty house). Many are now saying that if she can do that, and then forget what houses cost, then that little mistake of hers proves why she is not suitable, either as an MP for Hastings and Rye or as Home Secretary. Which brings me to

Very Important Point number two:

If it looks petty going on about such brief clip of a politician making a mistake, bear in mind that Rudd’s opposite number Dianne Abbott forgot some figures the other day – not something as elementary as the approximate price of houses in one’s constituency mind you, but for the sake of balance, I think we should now go on about Rudd’s error at least as much as the corporate media, and the parrots in the pub who get their ideas from corporate media, went on about Abbott’s mistake – so watch that clip one more time, then go and share that clip with your friends, and complain about Rudd being ugly, having a laugh like a gatling gun, being incredibly stupid etc etc, to balance up what happened to Abbott when she made a mistake – better still, rise above the people who couldn’t seem to stop going on about Abbott, and go out and talk politics.

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