Quick! Read this book!

the Twittering Machine by Richard Seymour

Sometimes, someone manages to release just the right book at just the right moment. This is it.

the Twittering machine artworkYou need to go buy The Twittering Machine and read it, right now, before it’s sold out. While a frighteningly large proportion of the world has been whiling away hour after hour twitting and liking and sharing and arguing their way around social media, increasing numbers of us have been asking – what are we doing? Why are we? What do the social media companies want of us, anyhow.

Lately, awareness is growing of the manipulation and censoring that goes on, and there have been debates about just what the social media CEOs talk about, when they get into tussles with governments.

Meanwhile, Richard Seymour has been busy researching all this, and asking himself, and everyone else, what we’re doing. He doesn’t offer definitive answers – it’s all too new, and nothing like this ever happened before – but the extent of his thinking and research gives you all you need to start doing your own serious thinking about it all.

It’s not how you might think – things may be better – in some ways – and worse – in others – than you thought. I got so excited, I wrote a pre-review of a book review when I was halfway through it. That’s here, if you’d like to know more.


Quick – go buy the book, here!

I’ll be in the garden, if you want me.

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