Bother! Trouble!! Emergency!!!

Pin board of old photos - cars, boats and planes

S P Moss has a family background in the RAF, and loves classic children’s adventure stories every bit as much as classic cars, planes and kids’ books so, when she won the Earlyworks Press novels for children competition back in 2011, we knew we were in for some good, old fashioned fun.

The Bother

The Bother in Burmeon excelled our hopes. We scandalised conventional booksellers by designing the book to look as grubby and just-discovered-in-the-atticky as possible, and artist Joy Chan and designer Stefan Lochmann gave us a ‘look’ that was every bit as good and bad as you would expect for a rollicking children’s adventure which would have was been published 50 years after, and several years before, it was written…

Beasts, Baddies and Bombs!

Grandpop is supposed to be dead…

…but when Billy finds a mysterious kaleidoscope engraved with a jewel-eyed tigress, he’s whisked into a world of adventures in which his pilot granddad is very much alive and kicking.

In a real life race against time, “Play Again” simply isn’t an option.

The Trouble

If however, you’re behind the past or ahead of the future, and have already had a bit of Bother, Trouble in Teutonia is just brimming with spirited adventure. S P Moss’s second time-defying adventure kicks off in a gloriously Teutonic Christmas market with a backdrop of snowy mountains where (if you’re not very careful) you’ll meet the Beast of Ratshausen and find yourself in – well, not so much a race against time this time, as a race against space.

the Trouble in Teutonia - cover pic

And if you’ve already had some Bother and enough Trouble, time to tackle book three:

The Emergency

The Al-Eden Emergency - cover pic

Buy Bother in Burmeon

The past is a dangerous country! It’s 1962 and everything Billy does is for real. The TV and the computer games have been left behind in the 21st century. Delivered postage-free to UK addresses.


Buy Trouble in Teutonia

Billy’s knowledge is a time bomb and time is ticking away…. Delivered postage-free to UK addresses.


Buy the Al-Eden Emergency

An old enemy is closing in. Can Billy crack the puzzle before his cover is blown? Delivered postage-free to UK addresses.


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