The Map of Bihar

The Map of Bihar - cover pic

Sparkling with humour, singing with empathy and the pains of being human…

A skilled, dexterous writer, Janet H Swinney explores her Anglo-Indian connections through this wide ranging and fascinating collection of stories – whether in a fashionable London suburb, urban India or an Edinburgh tenement, we see life chances sought, seized, squandered and subverted. There are funny stories, heart breaking ones and fascinating ones, just as there are in the complex refrains of family life across the world.

Their allure lies in the convincing authenticity of the experience of her characters, from Degsie, the stray cat of many names to Bobby, the abandoned Scottish runaway lad. In this varied collection Swinney presents us with a unique view of the subtleties of the world around us.

– Farruch Dhondy

Join these citizens from opposite sides of the world in their very different but always compelling quests for fulfillment.

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The Map of Bihar and other stories

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