The Ball of the Future

The Ball of the future detail

Not yet born, not yet touched by man, it glows like a mercurial object. But I want to touch it. I want to caress the curvature of its sides and delve into its golden light. I think the inside must be huge and endless, like a stream without end, like an infinite well of possibility. This tiny ball represents the future, yet I am the past. As I move towards it my own light begins to fade, and as I enter it there is nothing left. I cease to exist…

That was The Ball of the Future by Paul Dawson – yes, that was all of it – the shortest of the stories in this collection, but by no means the easiest to forget. That’s why we borrowed Paul’s title for the collection.

The Ball of the Future book cover
Artwork by Mark Sheeky

The James Webb telescope launch has less than a month to go now – see countdown – but being a futuristic set of stories, we launched Telescoping Time (the collection that features the telescope on its cover) in 2012. It’s still worth a read in 2021!

As is The Road Unravelled, Earlyworks Press’s biggest collection of sci-fi stories. In this book you can find out what immortality is really like, what happens when a city really does have a brain, and explore changing views of life, death and genetics, intelligence natural, artificial and divine – even re-learn the laws of evolution that we thought we knew.

Three book covers: The Ball of the Future, The Road Unravelled and Telescoping Time

All can be ordered from your local bookshop, or buy now, direct from the publisher…

The Ball of the Future

Delivered postage free to UK addresses


Telescoping Time

Delivered postage free to UK addresses


The Road Unravelled

Delivered postage free to UK addresses


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