Thank you!

Flowers and a thank-you message

Thank you to those who have supported my blogging work over the past month. It really does make a huge difference. Whether it’s by means of likes, shares, comments or donations, it helps the message get out there, it means I can spend more time on it and perhaps most important of all, it tells me I’m not wasting my time.

I think we all know by now that we can’t trust the mainstream media, and the topics I write on are particularly hard-hit by the biases they show (that’s why I do it). What we need most in these tense and reactionary times are critical thinkers – people with the ability to compare, assess, check sources, and ask questions. You can do all those things when you read blogs by independent journalists, and questioning the people actually involved in particular situations or campaigns is a great way to learn more. You can follow your favourites, rather than jumping obediently from topic to topic with no time for reflection, as the mainstream media compel you to do. People who follow a range of independent writers are independent readers. Thank you for thinking!

If you are a reader, a writer and a critical thinker, have you thought about starting a blog, too? If you have, feel free to post links in the comments on mine. I particularly follow blogs that are informative on second and fourth wave feminism, international socialism and the environment. The more voices we have exchanging ideas and sharing their experiences, the better informed we are.

Please keep reading critically. On the closest level, thanks to all my volunteer proof-readers, tricky-question askers and those who tell me why they like the articles they like, and don’t like the ones they don’t – you are training me to be a better blogger (I’m afraid you can’t change what I write about – I write about what matters to me, and the ideas that I think aren’t getting enough air – but you can change how I go about expressing it, if you’ve found faults and tell me so).

All the best, and thanks again!


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