King Charles? Oh come on!

I salute the friend who responded to yesterday’s news with “oh well I’m not a royalist, so I’d best go off social media for a while.”

Elizabeth was queen before I was born and has never failed, as far as I know, to do what queens are supposed to do. She meant many things to many people so yes, let’s leave them to get on with that.

But a king? It’s landed us with a KING? How benighted is that!

I realize I had always assumed the campaign group Republic would have their way when they said “make Elizabeth the Last”. It was a very ciivilized, pitchforks-and-guillotines free plan to remove a monarchy. So civilized, I suppose I just thought it’d be bowed quietly through come the time.

I visited their website last night, and noted that all they need to make their point are these three mugshots.

I thought, knowing what those three men stood for, the people who really run the country would have had something in place to stop the ball round about now.

They probably did, but it probably got blocked by the regressive forces currently keeping the worst bunch of incompetent politicians yet in Westminster.

The coat of arms on the palace gates had an accident recently. It was taken as a reminder of how many Scottish people feel about the regressive forces in London. But what about the rest of us?

We are looking at the third election-free Prime Minister in a row, and no doubt her cabinet will be full of people who think our head of state should be allotted according to the mating behaviours of a god-given family who live in Buck House. Now they tell us we have this King, and that’s supposed to mean something to us.

Sure, he was first in line according to that system. His sister, the ‘Princess Royal’ is 16th, due to a profusion of boys in blue shorts. And that’s supposed to mean something to us.

Sure, we’re far too busy worrying about Brexit, the erosion of our Human Rights and the Cost-of-Living Crisis this government have created.

How do we shake off all these unwelcome ideas – all of them, and create a country that looks after its own people properly? What do we need? The People’s Assembly? #EnoughIsEnough? Or something bigger and better than either? Answers on a postcard (marked urgent) please. And keep pushing!


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