The Missing Link: Why they had to stamp out gay culture

Jamie Reed interviewed

Quick bit of background – skim on down to ‘Find the lady’ if you’ve been with us all the way:

In 2019, I was one of many women trying to tell the Labour Party that it’s logically impossible to support gay and lesbian people if you’re going around telling lesbians that they must believe anyone who says they’re a woman is one.

Woman’s Place UK at Labour Party Conference 2019

In 2022, I went to a meeting in Lewes which heard from several women who used to work in the ‘gender’ industry – at the Tavistock, England’s only ‘gender clinic’, or elsewhere.

Women's Place meeting

Click here to read about the Whistleblowers’ Meeting

Both those events had a limited impact beyond the circles of those who’d already seen the trick.

“The LGBTQ+ community” does not support lesbian and gay groups.

It was just too hard to believe, because in the UK, Stonewall’s still there, with privileged access to government, councils, schools and corporations, carrying their pro-gay message …. Aren’t they? And Pride are sailing high, with summer parades and festivals in every town, waving that rainbow flag and…. Well actually, what is that flag they wave these days? …. And why, once I became known as a ‘terf’, were lesbian and gay (and on one startling occasion, a trans person) coming to me and whispering that the rainbow crowd was no good for them? Why were they asking me if I knew of any groups that believed in sex? (Saying that sex matters is transphobic. You can’t support single sex orientation if you don’t think sex matters).

Find the lady

The crazy thing is that once you see the logic of it – that you can’t believe in, or approve of, single-sex orientation (that is, being gay or lesbian) if you’re also required to believe that males can be women and females can be men, that they must be believed, then you are going to have to tell gay and lesbian people that their natural predilections are mistaken and must be supressed.

You know what, that’s precisely what Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall, said. – She compared a preference for same sex partners to antisemitism.

So when lesbian and gay people whisper that they have no support, that ‘the LGBTQ+ community’ is no good to them, in fact that it’s silencing them and flooding their remaining spaces with straight people (keep your eye on the ball – a male presenting as a woman, who fancies women, is a male who fancies females, is straight)… why can gay and lesbian people only whisper that? Is it their fault if they just don’t fancy these people? Unless they’re confident enough to join what are commonly called ‘anti-trans hate groups’ – that is, groups that support and protect same-sex oriented (gay and lesbian) people.

Up until now, it’s been hard to say that same-sex orientation is being supressed and be taken seriously, because Stonewall, Pride et al are out there waving those flags – actually, mostly baby-pink and powder-blue – flags.  But I think I have just seen the interview that could just break through all that and finally find the lady…

“Jamie Reed is a life-long progressive and healthcare professional. For many years she has provided counselling to vulnerable populations including children in foster care, sexual minorities and young people with HIV. For four years she worked at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri. What she saw in that time caused her to resign and turn whistleblower.”

Jamie’s blog

Click here to read Jamie’s blog

And here she is, interviewed on Triggernometry…

If you’re pushed for time, start listening from 45 mins in.

If you’re even more pushed for time, here’s a quickie approximate summary you can skim through, with a few notes a conclusion and a call-out from me at the end…

Trans ideology is the dominant culture

Interviewer: Why can’t people see the problem with transing kids?

JR: Parents who are so gung-ho to talk to the news about how this saved their kids lives and their kid is doing so well … they’re the ones drum-beating this, too.

I: Why can this take hold of people so?

JR: Nobody wants to be seen as the oppressors.

In the liberal view in the US, to be a white middle class person, to be able to afford things for your kids, to be in this privileged position is seen as a negative and so being trans is a kind of let out, it’s has become the thing that you can’t question. You can’t claim you’re another race, you can’t claim that you’re poor but if you’re not really gay or lesbian, you can claim that you’re non binary and suddenly you’re in the group that’s no longer the oppressors, you’re in the oppressed group.

I: What about the adults? What about the professionals? Isn’t it their job to make that decision?

JR: But the culture is so harsh right now that if they were to say ‘no’ to a patient, there would be transphobia accusations on social media. I can see it from my own position. I’m the hated outsider.  I’m a Luddite, with no great social media presence to lose …. I have thick skin, a background in the politics of protest, I’m used to pile-ons. The culture now is of external judgement. It takes a lot of strength to go against the dominant culture.

I: What happened internally [ie, at work] when you started to ask questions?

JR: I was told my tone was wrong, that I shouldn’t be challenging doctors, that I was out of my lane. There was a directive that we were no longer allowed to say ‘I have concerns’ about a patient…

That should scare anyone.

Medicine needs all layers of workers empowered to speak up if something looks wrong. If the doctor looks drunk, if the doctor makes a mistake, everyone needs to feel safe to say something. That’s no longer there.

I: Did they have any counter-arguments?

JR: Doctors would say well what do you want me to do instead? They are just a cog in the machine. For them to stop and think, the whole machine would have to stop.

Like a conveyor belt in a factory. For one person to stop work feels disastrous. It causes chaos.

A child cannot really consent, but their ‘I want this’ is the whole driver of this. It’s supported by ‘Child-centred’ theory.

But kids who think they’re the one who should make the decisions are under more stress. They feel like there’s no grown ups in the room who are in charge.


[‘Child centred’ theory runs through everything from education through to medicine.  Friends in social work tell me that what started as a very, very good initiative to listen to kids, to take them seriously, has become a form of oppression in the hands of profiteers, a straitjacket for teachers, doctors, carers.]


I: What should parents do?

JR: If their child is distressed, they go for medical help, and that leads, in remarkably quick time, straight onto puberty blockers.

We need to hear from parents who knew better, who did not take kids to ‘gender experts’ but who took charge. You can stop your kids having internet in their room at night. You can put some controls back in. Recognise things that are stressing kids.  Focus on basic problems. They need friends, need exercise, need sleep, need decent food….

NB Transgender Trend (another ‘transphobic hate group’) have recently put up this testimony from a parent, which demonstrates a model handling of the situation…

Trandgender Trend

Click here to read a parent’s story on Transgender Trend


JR: Don’t pigeon hole your kids (ie, don’t let ‘gender’ dictate their preferences). Let them wear what they want, do what they want with their hair and so on. Let’s be more flexible with activities and expression. Having nick names is fine, but they don’t need binders, don’t not need medical intervention.

I: What happens to detranstioners?

JR: They are ignored by professions. The centres don’t see them. No care is provided. We need to pause the machine, and focus on care for those kids – long term. They might need legal and financial support.

I: Is this a medical malpractice scandal that’s going to blow up in all our faces?

What about the argument that ‘detransitioners’ are a very small percentage?

JR: All medical procedures can have poor outcomes but this is systematic. The outcome of someone on testosterone at 16 is, by 26, a wide range of problems – not trivial problems. Things like diabetes, heart conditions… These things (‘sex change’ drugs) are harsh on the body. They are cancer drugs. Even in the best case outcomes, problems and complications will occur.

What are we still not talking about?


I: And what are we doing to the potentially gay kids?

JR: Why are kids no longer okay with being gay? We lost the gay bars, the gay culture. Kids think it’s almost better to be trans and have a lifetime of medical problems than to be gay.

Jamie Reed's blog

Like so many people calling out the ‘gender ideology’ theory, Jamie has seen how it is, in effect, a drive to “trans away the gay”. Until this strange ideology is understood, kids will not be happy about the idea of being gay or lesbian. Gender non-conformity and same-sex attraction are being pushed back into the closet, and feminism (which is at root gender-critical) is being reviled; and all this is being perpetrated by the very organizations we thought were there to support those ideas.


If any of this has left you confused (and my goodness, was there ever a situation so full of potential confusion) please return to the top of this article and think about what a stroke of genius it was by the gender industry to appropriate trusted groups like Stonewall (who, until 1998 or so, were an LGB support organization). Please note how trans rights protests now tend to carry banners saying “you will not divide us”.

They are actually leading progressive, well-meaning people to condemn gay and lesbian groups.

This is what they call “forced teaming”. To say LGB on its own now is evil. Stonewall spokespeople have called LGB organisations “hate groups”, and when they say things like “there is a tide of hate against us”, they appear to be talking about lesbian and gay people trying to express their own experience. All lesbian and gay people MUST subsume themselves in “the LGBTQ+ community” –  a community that supress same-sex attraction (by telling lesbians that men can be women and they must believe it, by telling gay groups they must admit females who take testosterone because they are men). And it persuades kids they’d rather be trans than gay.

That’s the trick. Once you’ve seen it, all you need to do is keep asking ‘the LGBTQ+ community’ how they can support same-sex orientation whilst insisting that sex doesn’t matter.

Far right bigots and horseshoes

And for you and I (if you’re one of my ol’ comrades reading this), the great thing is that Jamie Reed is unquestionably a lefty, a veteran of anti-establishment activism. No-one can claim she’s inspired by “the alt right” or by some mad church. No, not even if they come up with all that horsesh….. er… horseshoe theory about left and right mysteriously joining up behind the Speaker’s chair.

Yes, there are lesbian and gay people still standing with “the LGBTQ+ community” – how long they do that for depends on how good they are at supporting cognitive dissonance. They’ll come round – Just keep asking the killer question:

How can you support same-sex orientation whilst insisting that sex doesn’t matter?

Please tell all your political friends, there are people on the left, in the centre and on the right, and people with no strong political stance at all, who believe that Sex Matters.

And please tell gay and lesbian friends, here are the support groups you’ve been looking for:

LGB Alliance

Gay Men’s Network

Get the L Out

Lesbian Labour

(there are more LGB groups forming all the time now – if you know of any good ones for people with different political stances (or people with none) please feel free to post in the comments).


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