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Do not buy silly shorts

Of all the strategies you could employ when Christmas-related desperation strikes, shorts in winter are the worst. ESPECIALLY if they look like this…

Do not wear them

In fact, do not wear shorts in winter at all…

Read them

Earlyworks Press has a fantastic back-list of high-quality short story collections. They are a truly seasonal and satisfying Christmas gift – a well-written short story is the perfect companion by the fire on a winter’s night. Here are just a few of the available titles…

The Sorcery of Smog

The Sorcery of Smog - cover pic
24 unforgettable stories

Hualophilia, autogynephilia, technophobia…

An unwitting homicide, a desperate shamanic journey, the end of the world…

….and other everyday occurrences.

In settings ranging from Mexico and the Australian outback to down town Edinburgh, told with laughter, philosophy, nostalgia and some stunningly unexpected twists, this wide-ranging collection of original stories demonstrates why it’s sometimes difficult to get from breakfast to supper without precipitating an apocalypse…. and then comes the night.

Journeys Beyond

Journeys Beyond
Short stories and poems

Where do you look, how far do you travel, what are the magic words? When danger and chaos are all around, how do you find the eternal human spirit that survives the worst, the very worst, the world can throw at you?

Unsafe Spaces

Unsafe spaces book cover
short stories

There are already two books out there called ‘Trigger Warning’ so this one is called ‘Unsafe Spaces’ instead. Go on, take a risk. You will never forget reading this book.

Apples, Shadows and Light

Apples, Shadows and Light
short stories

Where do baby selkies come from? Where do shadows go? What happens in the minutes after a war ends? Apples, shadows and light presents an incredible range of stories, some long enough for a train journey, some short enough for a tea break – and all touching on intriguing ideas you might just never have thought to ask about…

Buy our short story collections from

Or please contact me for direct sales. All our collections are now available to our members and associates for £6 per book plus postage (or if you’re really keen, £60 for ten, with free delivery to the UK).   Also, individual books can be delivered post free to all comers if you are in or near Hastings UK. Please contact me to arrange.