Our lousy politicians

There could have been some real politics tonight – it could have made a difference, but these amateurs missed an opportunity.

The Prime Minister called for a meeting of party leaders. Why? We’ll never know why.

Ask how *dare* Chuka Umunna turn up to a party leaders’ meeting. Ask how *dare* they all pretend it’s okay? He’s a self-appointed spokesman for a company hiding its affairs in a tax haven.

Even Caroline Lucas, who you’d think would be in favour of democratic, progressive politics, was so chuffed to be there she pretended it was a real meeting.

Yet again, Jeremy Corbyn is the only one to remember how politics is supposed to work. If any of them had had the guts to stand with Corbyn, Umunna would have been forced to leave and a real meeting would have happened.

If they still don’t get it, ask this: do we really want to normalise the idea of private companies replacing elected political parties in potentially world-changing government meetings?

johnny bissett

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Let’s have some decent politicians in office…


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