Baffled by the women’s sex-and-gender campaign? – here’s a handy overview

We will stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with our transwomen and transmen sisters and brothers to fight for their fundamental rights.

Feminist and Gender Critical opinions are really not anti-trans. – A guest post by Diane Jones

Transgender Identities  A selection of articles from a range of perspectives published by The Economist in October 2018  (scroll down for links to all articles)  

There is really NO campaign against Human Rights for trans people   Women are opposed to breaches to their right as a sex class to be treated as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. #sexnotgender

It hurts my feelings to see 'transwomen are women'. It damages my mental health to see that, it makdes me feel erased and my identity feel destroyed. I have a voice and I deserve that voice. WE deserive it.The transactivist demand for the right to ‘self-identify’ ‘gender’ would mean, if it became the law, that ANY man for whatever motive – including extremely malign – could easily get access to women’s safe spaces. #womanisnotafeeling

“Unisex” changing rooms are more dangerous than single sex facilities  Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request revealed that just under 90 per cent of complaints regarding changing room sexual assaults, voyeurism and harassment are about incidents in unisex facilities. Porn sites are filling up with amateur ‘candid camera’ shots taken in mixed sex changing rooms. #protectwomanonlyspaces

“Gender identity” is being taught in schools,  and policies based on subjective ideas of ‘gender’ being ‘assigned at birth’ rather than the biological reality of sex which is determined at conception and identified at birth – are being widely introduced. This is counter to existing law.  #sexnotgender

Transitioning “gender non-conforming” children  Claims of conversion therapy have been made of the NHS Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock Clinic and five clinicians have resigned. Michele Moore spoke about her concerns about such practices at a Woman’s Place meeting.  Many parents are worried about their ‘gender-non-conforming’ children being encouraged to ‘change sex’ – and e.g. to take puberty-blocking drugs, without first exploring psychological issues.

I am Spartacus. A woman is an adult female human. Sex is binary, immutable and defined by reproductive role.Women are being silenced Many women, including academics, are banned from twitter and facebook – for their opinions, following complaints by transactivists. James Kirkup writes here about exclusion from political debate.   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  Article 19. Confers this right: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” #stopsilencingwomen

Chart of all the conditions and ways of being now defined as 'trans'.The “trans umbrella”    encompasses cross-dressers, ‘non-binary’ and ‘gender fluid’ people, and autogynophiles, Few of the biological men who identify as women have undergone any surgery or had hormone treatment.  #womanisnotafeeling

Many trans people do not support transactivists in the campaign for trans self-ID.  For example Miranda Yardley, who was charged with anti-transgender hate crime. (you couldn’t make it up…) It was 10 months before common sense prevailed and the case was thrown out by the judge. Here’s Kristina Harrison who advocates trans rights AND women’s rights, speaking at a Woman’s Place meeting. Seven Hex writes of her experience, and is building a network of transsexuals opposed to transactivist’s demands, and the Gender Apostates’ blog includes a range of views.

Women's rights are human rightsThe cotton ceiling  Lesbians are being told that they are ‘transphobic’ if they do not include transwomen in their ‘dating circle’. Lesbians are women who are same-sex attracted. #TRARapeCulture. #LesbianErasure.

De-transitioning  Increasingly some of those who have de-transitioned are getting organised and becoming more visible and vocal, writing and sharing their experience and views.

Importance of collecting data by sex Joan McAlpine (Member of Scottish Parliament) explains here why it is crucial to collect data by sex categories.  Employers adopting Stonewall‘s ‘Inclusive Workplace’ policies means data regarding roles and status is not captured by sex, so that the sex (not gender) pay gap becomes impossible to quantify.

Unfairness in Sport  Amateur and professional sport is unfair to girls and women when boys and men who identify as girls or women compete with them. Martina Navratilova, and many other eminent sports-people agree.

Male offenders in Womens Prisons Although it is frequently said that ‘this never happens…’  there are already many examples of male offenders identifying as women, being referred to as ‘she’ in court and in the media, being housed in womens’ prisons – and going on to commit sexual assaults.

Unanswered Questions Government minister for WOMEN and Equalities, Penny Mordaunt failed to answer a range of questions put to her on Mumsnet. Maya Forstater sums them up here 

Will Dawn Butler (Shadow Minister for WOMEN and Equalities) answer them?

The Gender Recognition Act Consultation outcome is expected in April or May. The government conducted a consultation on proposals for a review of the GRA in 2018, and their analysis of the responses and plans for action are expected in the next few weeks.

Find More detail at these websites

Diane Jones   April 2019  (with thanks to all those who made comments and suggestions)

Conclusion by Kay Green… (with thanks to Diane for the excellent overview of the problems we face)

So what do the women’s campaigners want?

For all the above reasons, we are asking that organisations stop substituting the word ‘sex’ (which appears in the Equalities Act) with ‘gender’ or ‘identifies as’ or ‘gender identity’ or any other variety thereof, because by doing that they deny our rights as a sex class; and we ask that the government, and all organisations and political parties that deal with women’s and girls’ rights and services, conduct proper impact studies and consult with their members and stakeholders before making changes that affect women’s status and rights.

Such changes cannot be safely considered solely of concern to trans people, or just a matter for LGBT officers. They affect all women and girls.

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