YOU have the power

How to empower OUR Ten Pledges

I didn’t like the Ten Pledges our leadership candidates were signing up to, so…

…I wrote my own Ten Pledges. I put them on my blog, and said if you like them, please share them. If they get lots of attention, we’ll know they’re popular.

In two days, my little one-woman blog had THOUSANDS of shares and reads, and then some bigger blogs gave them a boost. They are now OUR Ten Pledges.

But Labour Party socialists have had a hard time lately, and the comments people posted with the link said things like “we can only wish”. It feels like that, when you’re tired and disappointed – but it’s not true.

OUR Ten Pledges are as powerful as anybody else's

We have the power

There are half a million of us. Half of half a million is 250,000. A tenth of half a million is 50,000. Even if only one in a THOUSAND of our members take action, that’s 500 actions! If you prefer our Ten Pledges to the other lot, please be one of the people who takes action. Here are some suggestions:

Ten things you could do to empower OUR Ten Pledges

Here’s a link to OUR Ten Pledges Don’t lose it.

  1. Send a link to your chosen leadership candidates, and ask them what they think.
  2. Send a link to your MP, and ask him/her if they endorse them.
  3. Send a link to Jennie Formby, and ask her to tell the NEC we prefer them.
  4. Send a link to ALL the NEC members!
  5. Present OUR Ten Pledges to your CLP as a motion to the NEC.
  6. Ask your CLP to put them forward as a motion for conference (and/or women’s conference).
  7. Present them to your Trade Union branch, socialist society or local assembly, and ask them to recommend them to the Labour Party.
  8. Send them to your favourite lefty blog or newspaper (mine’s the Morning Star) and ask them to write about them.
  9. Share this blog on different social media, and in your favourite groups, and ask them for more ideas about how to promote OUR Ten Pledges in the Party.
  10. Promise yourself you’ll never forget that leaders can be led. Whoever becomes leader, and whatever they may personally sign up to, if a membership of half a million are clear and politely persistent about wanting something different, different will happen.

And do please keep in touch. If you do any of these ten things, or if you think of other things to do, please pop back to the Ten Pledges blog post and leave a comment to let everyone know.

They may have knocked Jeremy Corbyn out (for now) but they can’t kill the movement he inspired unless we decide to do nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn poster - "It's not me they fear: ITS YOU"

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