About last night… (#expelme night)

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Dear long-suffering lefties, do you want to know why so many women are angry…

23andsomeYou managed to work out that people who support the human rights of Palestinians don’t hate Jews – when are you going to work out that women who support sex-based rights don’t hate trans people?

Yes, thousands upon thousands of women are furious and a fair few of them are swearing on all of ustwitter – that is because they’ve had two years of you pretending the Labour left has mysteriously sprouted a plague of transphobia.

RLB2You pretend this because you can’t be bothered to find out what the women are talking about. Take a look at pages 65 and 66 of our manifesto. Those are calls for basic and necessary rights for women. A few pages on, the manifesto also calls for GRA reform and sex self-ID.

It is very hard to see how both can be done – it requires careful attention and prolonged discussions. But every time, over the last two or three years, *every time* women tried to kick-start those discussions, the left cried “transphobia”! “terfs”! “bigots!” and told the women to shut up. So women set up Woman’s Place UK as an arena for that discussion. You called WPUK a “transphobic hate group”.

conflictSo a lot of women got very angry. Translate the situation to the Palestine campaign and you should be able to understand. If you can’t, it’s because you don’t listen to women. Yes, even you, you beery socialist women who learned your socialism at the feet of

Owen Jones invites half our women to resign
Owen Jones invites half our women to resign

your trendy socialist brothers, you who are still trying to apply the “empowerment” theory of feminism from the last century that brought us tokenism, and a few wealthy women leaders who don’t get feminism.

right tweet
Right wing celebrates

The #expelme tag happened because Rebecca Long-Bailey just shot herself in the foot by signing a pledge to “expel transphobes” and explicitly calls WPUK and the LGB Alliance “transphobic hate groups”. The text of

blocked by raynor
What most gender-critical feminists see if they go to Angela Rayner’s Twitter account. That is why *she* doesn’t get it.

the pledge makes it quite clear that their definition of “transphobes” is not “people who hate or fear trans people”, but women who are campaigning for proper sex-based rights and services, and who speak out against the rampant and dangerous trend to “transition” autistic, lesbian and traumatised children.

So the women who are at the centre of WPUK put out a statement saying “defend us or expel us”.

Last night, as the #expelme hashtag passed the 23k mark in a few hours, some very

rlb on bbc
Why does this matter? Please find out.

cool, trendy lefties were wailing that we must be a right wing conspiracy. Do grow up! You know there are those who would wipe out the left in the Labour Party – stop helping them by dissing half your women!

The Tribune even denied Laura Pidcock yesterday – one of our very best socialist publications sneering at one of our very best socialist women – because she called for a civilised debate – not on “whether trans women are women” but on how on earth we preserve the laws and services women need, alongside sex self-ID.

Tribune denies Pidcock for calling for debate.If you still don’t get it – if you still think women are “being silly”, that it’s “an obsession”, or that we have no reason to be bloody furious, ask yourself why no-one – not one of our woke socialist commentators – when we were all agonising over all the things we did wrong in that GE campaign – not ONE of you mentioned that maybe you shouldn’t have spent two years solid ignoring the slandering, bullying and bad-mouthing of thousands of your women and those men of the left (including some of the founders of Stonewall, I might add) who had the brain cells to work out what was going down.

And if you’re still a bit puzzled, please read this from last year. Carefully.

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