Sorry, this article is utter nonsense

From the back cover blurb: Edward Lear roving the Fire HIlls talking Italian with Holman Hunt? Lewis Carroll complaining about falling into Hastings' rock pools? What a load of nonsense!

I do apologise Hastings. I recognise that Michael Short is far better known as a pianist and composer, and known above all for his most excellent biography of Gustav Holst. I also know that Elaine Short is a poet and textile artist but sometimes, when I think of Michael and Elaine, I can’t help thinking ‘Nonsense’.

The Shorts have entertained many of us over the years with their most excellent brand of nonsense, and what could be a more joy-filled a copy of their book, ‘Utter Nonsense in Hastings’?

Utter Nonsense book cover

(I do apologise, yet again, to those who mistook the title of this book for an instruction, and have been uttering nonsense in Hastings ever since).

Lucy O'Finner: one of Elaine Short's illustrations

Looking for an original gift idea? – how about the book and a CD of the Shorts’ musical nonsense? Based on recordings of a concert they gave at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, the CD is a jazzy presentation of works by Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and others, rendered with a musical seriousness that’s guaranteed to get you giggling.

The Nonsense CD

Utter Nonsense in Hastings

Buy the book direct from the publisher. Postage free to UK addresses.


Utter Nonsense for your eyes and ears

Buy the book AND the CD


*** Update November 2022 ***

On a very different note, 15th of November sees the release of the latest edition of Michael Short’s unique and much-appreciated biography, ‘Gustav Holst: the Man and His Music’ click here for details.

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