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I feel silly writing this, but it appears to be necessary…

Has this ever happened to any other group of people? Ever since the last Labour Party conference, we people formerly known as women have been subjected to politician after politician being asked, ‘what is a woman’ and getting into a sweat over the answer.

Quite funny really, that it’s us in this predicament, because it’s not us, but the gender-identity-theorists known as trans activists who have been claiming that people are ‘denying their existence’

– No, believe me, we’ve noticed you.

A selection of the obscene and abusive placards and pavement chalkings around the Guildhall. Sorry, I am not going to reproduce them in detail.
You’re not easy to miss

Then they claim we’re trying to ‘erase’ them, by not calling them the right name or pronoun or whatever. They say they suffer terribly from being called the wrong thing – but that can’t be true because if they believed people suffer from being called names they don’t like, they wouldn’t keep calling women ‘cis’, would they, let alone all those other things?

(Because everyone knows by now that ‘cis’ means ‘conforming to the gender assigned to you at birth’ and that feminists, gender-non-conforming women, most lesbians and quite a lot of gay men, absolutely do not believe they have to conform to the ‘gender’ (that is, the social norms that attach themselves to sex – in other words, ‘stereotypes’, or as I think of it, ‘sexism’) supposedly assigned to them at birth. They just reckon the doctors and midwives noticed what sex they were and wrote it down.)

But who are we?

We tried for the dictionary definition, a**** h**** f*****. They said that was offensive – but here’s the thing – because w**** (a**** h**** f*****s) have issues and experiences that are unique to those born f*****, we need language specific to f***** people in order to talk about, and deal with those issues.

Actually, there’s another thing. Because we were told we can’t say a**** h**** f*****, and because politicians clearly can’t say w***** in any meaningful context,  we know full well that if we did think of a  new word, and tell the world, ‘this is us’,  trans activists would immediately say we’re not allowed to use that to refer specifically to ourselves, either.

Here, in case you’re wondering, are the answers to those questions that politicians have got stuck on:

“Is it true that only women have a cervix?”

“Yes, but I think what you’re really asking me is how to define trans people. Trans women certainly don’t have a cervix, but most trans men do, unless they’ve had it removed. Therefore, as trans women don’t have them, and trans men, who may well have them, don’t want to be called women, and certainly won’t want to be associated with such things, it’s probably polite to say only women have a cervix.”

“What is a woman?”

“Biologically speaking, a woman is an adult human female but I think what you’re really asking me is ‘are trans women women?’ That is an issue very much under debate and, as women have been attacked for trying to express their material reality any other way, I think we should stick to its biological meaning, ‘adult human female’. That does not stop us being polite, and accepting trans women as women socially.”

(Darn it, I’ve just remembered some people get very steamed up as to whether there’s a space in that word or not. Maybe I should say trans*women just in case.)

“Can a woman have a p*****?”

“Well, legally, it’s perfectly possible for an intact male to apply for a gender reassignment certificate, and be treated in most circumstances as a woman but in general, when we say ‘woman’, we mean ‘adult human female’. Females do not have p****s.”

Do please pass this to anyone who’s still having trouble with those questions.


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