Help! They’re getting away!

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I posted this on Facebook earlier, and I had this feeling there was something I’d forgotten…

Soc media post: So , people have differing views as to whethe rthe PM being fined for taking the piss during lockdown, the refugee transportation scandal, the COVID death rate, goverment ministers turning out to hold foreign nationality, the Ukraine situation are the distractions or the things they're trying to distract you from.

… in the comments, someone mentioned the ‘dead cat’ strategy – you know, what do you do when a meeting’s not going the way you want? You throw a dead cat on the table, and everyone’s so shocked, and running around trying to decide what to do about the dead cat, they forget the thing you didn’t want them to talk about.

What was it again?

Eventually, it gets to the stage that so many dead cats have been thrown on the table that it doesn’t surprise people any more and then, maybe, some people remember, what was it again …?

Oh yes – the energy bills – and transport bills – and all the other bills, flying away so fast that NO-ONE can afford to live any more. I lost a hearing aid while struggling with my glasses and my mask on Storm Eunice day, and the NHS want £86 for a new one. I haven’t got £86. I have no idea how many months will go by before I have a ‘spare’ £86. I do remember someone telling me, just three or four years ago, that replacing a lost NHS hearing aid would cost you £50. That’s a hell of a price-jump – and anyway, the NHS?

Is it our NHS? No, it isn’t. It’s some dratted company that’s embedded itself in the NHS, and is ROBBING us with unexplained price-rises.


As was our North Sea oil. As were our energy companies, our transport companies, most of the buildings and land that used to belong to our councils (ie, to us) , and… and… and…

And then I realise I’m not spending so much time on anti-austerity work lately, I’m spending so much time thrashing around trying to make money happen – enough money just to keep things going, and then I realise everyone else must be doing that – everyone who’s not a millionaire several times over…

And by the way, I just remembered that we just passed the deadline most scientists gave us for when we stood any chance of stopping climate change going critical.

And by the way, we ALL know that our ‘politicians’ are lying to us, and stealing everything that’s not nailed down.

But now there are SO MANY outrageous things to distract us from the other outrageous things that we can’t figure out what to protest about for long enough to organise a rebellion, even if we have enough free time left over from trying to keep things going…

It’s called ‘Shock Doctrine’. It’s not just that they are doing all this to us, it is that they are doing it ON PURPOSE so they get time to steal everything.

The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein – if you haven’t read it yet, read it now.

None of the other countries the disaster-capitalist robbers wrecked thought they were going to get wrecked until it happened, either. They thought all those wrecked countries they saw on the news were just so much television.

If you’re not a book reading person, go have a look around on YouTube, put ‘Shock Doctrine’ in the search box, there are plenty of videos that’ll give you the gist of it.

When you’ve read (or watched) it, have a think, talk to some friends, and decide what to DO. No one can do all of it, that’s the mistake that stops so many people acting – the problem feels too big for them. But that’s just a trick. No-one can solve it on their own, they don’t need to – but EVERYONE needs to do SOMETHING towards stopping those thieves, until we add up to a big enough fightback, because otherwise, they are not going to stop until they’ve taken EVERYTHING.


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