The nature of male privilege

Male in black balaclava, with his mates around him, wrestles a woman for her suffragette flag

The least successful members of a privileged group tend to be the most belligerent maintainers of that privilege. It’s their dream, their lottery ticket. That’s why many a doorstepping socialist has fallen by the wayside when trying to tell impoverished white males they are privileged. Asking angry people to rise above a lifetime of poverty and mistreatment to consider the fact that it might be worse if they were black, or disabled, really isn’t the way to change minds. They are far, far more aware of their largely thwarted privilege, of what they do not have.

I suspect the laddies in black you see attacking women’s meetings might qualify for the same position as would most of the be-horned specimens who over-ran the White House out of loyalty to Donald Trump. They didn’t feel they were getting enough of that white male privilege, so they thought having Trump to stamp a bit harder on everyone below them might help them rise. Over this side of the pond, they jump on the opportunity to shout at women.

But what’s to be said of the male sports commentators who keep doing this?


Male praises male for taking both male and female titles.

Selective transitioning

In the 2021-22 Winter Edition of Prospect magazine, transwoman Robin White tells the world that looking like a woman is being a woman. Yes, they deserve women’s rights if they manage to look like women. This is perfectly logical from a male perspective, because they can only see women, they don’t know we have an existence of our own, that involves a whole load of largely invisible biology going on… But this example is especially enlightening because White consciously retained an element of male privilege…

Robin White writes: I have done little to alter my speaking voice, as it is something I rely on in my job as a barrister
I discuss that here, in my ‘where we are at’ post in January

Here’s the key point from that link: White hung on to that amazing male ability to sound credible in court. I think Amber Heard could have done with a privilege like that in recent weeks…

#Metoo is over if we don’t listen to imperfect victims like Amber Heard

Here’s the key point from the Amber Heard story link:

“The idea that systems that previously treated only women, minorities and lower-class men unfairly might be capable of doing the same to high-status men was deeply unsettling to everyone.”

 (‘everyone’ being men, and their loyal handmaidens.)

Here’s another article that takes a similar line…

Article banner: Johnny Depp trial unlocks new way for abusers to exert power over survivors, experts worry

The main point of that one: “Historically, we have seen that women are free to speak their truth — as long as it doesn’t offend a man.”

People who have a privileged position in society feel threatened when that privilege begins to wobble, and they’re faced with the awful prospect of being as exposed as the oppressed classes are. To put it another way, to the privileged, privilege is invisible until it is threatened. Loss of privilege feels like a particularly terrible oppression because it is the nearest they have ever experienced to being actually oppressed. That is partly why some trans people think they are the most oppressed group in the world. If they have gone from white, middle class or upper-class male to (sometimes) seeming to be female, they will feel a loss of privilege. It’s a small loss – as this story shows…

Telegraph header First trans peer a step closer as hereditary candidate claims seat

… the GRA law (Gender Recognition Act, 2004), and even the conditions that even self-declared transwomen have, give transwomen a superior status to that of women (whose voices don’t really count in court, according to Robin White’s and Amber Heard’s experiences). This should tell you that it was men, thinking themselves very fair, who designed the GRA.

It also demonstrates that transwomen who claim to be oppressed by women are acting out of male privilege. They feel aggrieved because they are not getting their way 100%, and they retain that very-male habit of seeing feminists as dangerously hard-to-control women. As for that ever-contentious group, lesbians (you know, those women who have the audacity to claim they don’t fancy males *at all*) this new breed of transwomen simply can’t countenance the fact that a natural same-sex attraction also puts *them* off the agenda.

If you don’t believe that society has followed that male-favouring line throughout the self-ID v sex-based rights campaigns, ask yourself this: whilst we hear voices yelling ‘transphobe’ everywhere women defend their rights, why does no-one yell ‘gynophobe’ when LGBTQIA+ protestors agitate for self-ID under a ‘trans rights’ banner?

Some other trans people

What are they, all these lucrative, corporate funded LGBTQIA+ organisations? You don’t see much more than the occasional advertising front saying anything at all about gay and lesbian people, which is what most people imagine they are supporting. What are the other bits of the alphabetti? Looking around, I get the impression of a range of exhibitionist, sexist, fetishist style-choices, all sported by individuals with an air of bruised privilege.

Very male, isn’ t it.

I have noted elsewhere that Stonewall’s original trans-rights slogan was ‘transwomen are women’. It was some time before they bothered to notice there was another group involved, and started adding ‘trans men are men’. That was a very, very revealing accident. It is though, no surprise that in organised campaigns now, the trans people you are most likely to hear shouting about trans people being marginalised, silenced and so on are trans men. There is something about trans men, isn’t there, that makes them slow to shout but, when they do, you can hear a genuinely aggrieved tone in there. Fact is, they have not quite managed to gain male privilege and I do wonder whether that’s why they feel so mistreated. Is that what they were after in the first place? And is that extra layer of smoke and mirrors they create why every LGBTQIA+ organisation now wants a trans man in the front line? Or is it because most women feel really bad about challenging a trans man? That it’s the males hiding in the wings who they really have an issue with?


It is male privilege that allowed Stonewall to set up their campaign on behalf of transwomen (males) and completely forget the females until their embarrassing error was pointed out. It is male privilege that protects the education schemes and lobbies that maintain gender-ideology in schools when it is clearly a real and serious danger to girls. It is male privilege that allows the likes of Shon Fae to think that women asking for HRT prescriptions when they have menopause difficulties are unfairly hording female hormone treatments. It is male privilege that allows LGBTQIA+ organisations to continue disregarding those women and men who adhere to same-sex attraction, regardless of instructions from the well-funded woke, and who happily run their organisations without such inconvenient people in their staff or their following. It is male privilege that excuses the vast majority of men from doing a bit of reading and finding out how this whole ‘trans rights’ campaign is harming women and girls at every turn.


The fact that nearly every ‘trans rights’ campaign group manages to find a trans man to front their campaigns suggests that they have worked out the very important fact that, as Marx explained, ‘false consciousness’ is one of the oppressor’s more subtle weapons – if you arrange to have your army led by one of your slaves, who thinks he is fighting for his rights, your opposition will feel bad about attacking.

There is no shortage of females, trans or no, carrying the banner for ‘trans rights’, just as there is no shortage of females in the Amber Heard firing squad, fighting for poor, mistreated Johnny Depp. In fact, the more in thrall to sexism a woman is, the more likely she is to stand up for anyone who’s giving women – especially feminists – a hard time. She’s trying to defend herself by protecting the privileged – the male. Vide those desperate twitter messages of support for those prize-winning males from women desperately clinging to their second place medals.

False consciousness

Perhaps that’s why it often takes a Communist to see through all this stuff.

Facebook post by Nicholas Davies

…and so the handmaidens march on – the women passionately campaigning for the destruction of their own sex-based rights, the trans men agitating for a world where transwomen can use any services and bursaries they want to, win twice as many accolades as anyone else, whilst trans men are put into sports categories they can’t possibly win and if detained, they would go straight into male prisons or hostels, something the authorities simply will not do at the moment because they know females would not survive five minutes in such surroundings.

It is notable that several female detransitioners have spoken about ‘trans support groups’ as a major factor in their disillusion. Bearing in mind transitioning always used to be the preserve of menopausal males, now adolescent girls are the ones leading the figures, they find themselves ‘supported’ by older males, who dominate those groups and, as transwomen, tell the females (trans men) they are guilty of ‘male privilege’ if they speak up for themselves.

So make no mistake, even where they’ve been set up as your enemies, it’s the female people, however they identify, whatever their roles may be, who are getting the raw deal in all this. As is ever the case with corporate funded issues, it’s male privilege that drives the so-called ‘gender issue’.

Closing ranks

Meanwhile, many women will forever more look with suspicion upon those men who rush to defend transwomen over women, in some cases driving their points home with threats of  violence, rape and death. Just how blind are these misogynists, not to realise that they are proving the falsity of ‘transwomen are women’ every time they gird their loins and dash into battle against women on behalf of their fellow m…


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