Not the Forde Report

Road sign: Splott

When I was out and about in Wales, one of the things I enjoyed was taking photos of any Welsh language signs and posters, so I could check out the meaning later, and learn some new words. I took this one by accident because I didn’t know Splott was a name, so wondered what a ‘splott’ was. (It’s a place in Cardiff, and its main claim to fame is that Shirley Bassey lived there).

My friends had a laugh, and I resolved to further amuse myself by making up a meaning for ‘splott’, and using it as much as possible. Then I forgot about it. Now, I have remembered. When a journalist gets hold of a story, acts quickly, and is the first to publish, the story is a ‘scoop’. I have decided timing is very important, and the opposite of a scoop, a story you decide to hold back for a while, needs a name too. Now it has one. It’s a splott.

Yes, I too have bags to say about the Forde Report, and my experience of the Labour Party’s attitudes to race, sex and class in general, and Jeremy Corbyn in particular but I note that, after dragging their feet since forever, Starmer’s administration have allowed the release of the report whilst the mainstream media are busy trying to make a story out of half a dozen discredited politicians scrapping over whose turn it is to lead their discredited government – a circus that will keep them happy until parliament is safely closed for summer recess.

I will write about the Forde Report, and my experience of race, sex and class in the Labour Party, and how party administrators responded to the Corbyn movement, and the equally appalling, if not worse, attitudes of other parties to those topics, in the autumn, when points raised might just have a chance of being discussed at branch meetings or party conference, and so put before MPs and councillors for comment.

Have a nice summer, and save up your splotts!


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