Clever, awkward and what was it again…?

Five years ago, I wrote a blog post called If I’m so clever…  I didn’t say exactly what it was about, but if you’re interested in the different ways people think and work, do please take a look. I think you’ll be able to work it out…

Domestic extremist tea towel
Click here to read If I’m so clever…

( So sorry we didn’t manage to win us all a compassionate, socialist government back there in 2017! Anyway, that might just be why I’m thinking so much about what’s been happening to our kids… )

Just now, I watched psychotherapist Stella O’Malley on Resistance TV, talking about who the kids are who transition, and why that might be, and how they might best be treated, and it so brought that old blog post back to me. If you’ve been wondering about those kids – Who are they, and why does this happen? Is medical transition really what it’s made out to be? Are there other ways they could be helped? Now the Cass Report has flagged up the dangers and concerns around gender ideology, and England’s only gender clinic has been served notice to close, what are we to do for those kids?

If you like detailed background, here are a couple of papers you may like to read…

Click here to read the Cass Review Interim Report

Click here to read about what may be the latest manifestation of biological essentialism

Either way, please listen to the interview – Stella was once a girl who was sure she was a boy, so she knows what she’s talking about…

Stella O Malley talking with Mandy Clare
Mandy Clare interviews Stella O’Malley on Resistance TV

I think maybe you can see now why I’m one of those who is very worried about what’s happening to kids who want to ‘change sex’. Stella spoke about the medical burden that transition sets in train. It’s never finished you know – because ‘being the opposite sex’ is not a realistic goal, people who transitioned when young have to forever go back for more surgery, for corrective surgery, for weighing up and re-balancing hormone treatments – and in many cases, to deal with the other physical and psychological issues that all that strain on the body can cause over the years.

I worried because there was a chap in the chat who said not being able to have kids doesn’t matter because there are too many people in the world – tough, if you’re someone who grows up to yearn for kids, but you got yourself sterilized by hormone treatments or surgery before you were twenty. I worried because there was a youth worker who was so sure kids are grown up at 16, and know exactly who they’re always going to be, especially when we were speculating over why kids in care seem more likely to transition.

Please share that interview with your friends, and discuss it. We need more people to understand what’s going on, and to empathize with and think about those kids – and the adults they become. Theirs is not an easy road.

Mandy Clare’s running a series of interviews on the topic of gender ideology, and the belief so many people have that you can ‘change sex’, that it is clear cut, and quickly done. Each of the interviews focuses on a different aspect of how our society is being affected. They are broadcast each Wednesday at 7pm – you can see all of them as recordings here…

Click here to see Resistance TV’s video list.

Next week, at 7pm on Wednesday 31st, Mandy will be talking to Amy Sousa who has a background in education, psychology and theatre. She will be talking about what the promotion of gender-ideology has done to our safeguarding practices, and the resultant dangers to children in our highly sexualized society.


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