Blown wide open


We should thank the Tories for filling the vacuum after Britannia’s attempt at democracy with an extended demonstration of just how dishonest and corrosive conservative politics really is. Here, James O’Brien amplifies an example from Liz Truss…

Click here to watch LBC clip

… but the idea has been acted out time and time again. Hastings, do you remember our former MP, Amber Rudd, now openly working for one of the invoice-raising energy companies, starring in an earlier demonstration, in which she told a commons committee that they were failing globally agreed clean energy targets but that “publicly we are clear” that they were on course? Was she so daft that she didn’t realise parliament committees are available for public viewing, or had she already reached “don’t care”? After all, it’s not as if we didn’t know, way back then, where her allegiances truly lay…

Click here to read Desmog’s 2015 reports on Amber Rudd

… and it’s not as though Hastings hadn’t had plenty of demonstrations already of what Rudd was really like…

Click here to read about the incident at the 2017 hustings in
Hastings and Rye

I know it gets tedious, but we need to keep sharing these demonstrations, because it’s not just little blogs like mine or “alternative” corners of the media now, it’s showing up everywhere. It’s what happens when the stupidly rich keep the stupidly inept in power while they empty the coffers.

It’s happening daily on the mainstream news, where stupidly inept so-called journalists and reporters now daily fall into pits and allow our trade union reps to tell the truth…

Click here for one of many superb examples of Mick Lynch not letting dishonest reporters have their way

“Good Morning Britain viewers were left deeply unimpressed with the exchange, which was slammed as “clueless” on Paul’s part.”

Please keep sharing, and thinking about, and talking about, these exposés, and please don’t let the establishment get away with telling everyone that replacing the blue Tories with the red Tories will solve it. They will allow the exposés to continue just long enough to help a de-fanged Labour Party have a go in government, and then they will stop. It may be a useful first step – may be – but we, the people, need to keep working on how we demand better, and get what we need.

Please remember O’Brien’s comment, “if you can’t run a political party, you can’t run the country” — don’t think you can get out of the mess by voting for “those nice people” in the Green Party.

Click here to read about one of the several current court cases about alleged malpractice and bullying in the Green Party.

So please decide right now that even if you end up voting for the Greens, or Kier Starmer, to lead a slightly less dreadful government than the one we have now — even if you do that, resolve that you aren’t going to settle for that. Please shake off the tribalism, keep sharing and discussing those clips, and go to your union, your local trades council or people’s assembly, or local community campaign groups or, if there aren’t any, start one – and join in the nationwide chorus demanding better of all our politicians.


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