NHS Crisis: let’s take action

Ambulance team answer a call-out

When I wrote up this week’s day of action for our NHS emergency response staff, I wrote it up with the title This Is An Emergency

Ambulance lights
Click here to read This Is An Emergency

We were going to gather again on the 28th for a second day of action, but the NHS unions have cancelled it, saying the NHS is in crisis, and they don’t want to be distracted from their vital work. Today, we see an example of that crisis:

Click here to read Kent Live today on the NHS crisis

This is why our NHS emergency response workers cancelled their strike day on the 28th. The NHS can barely cope anyway, and make no mistake – whatever excuses the politicians come up with, the responsibility for this lies with government.

For years, they have underfunded and neglected our NHS. MPs from both sides of the House constantly go on about the amount of money they’ve “put in”, but they are always short on detail of where that money goes. We know that – we can put two and two together. They have been putting public money into the bottomless pockets of profiteering contractors who leech on our NHS. That’s what makes our NHS seem unaffordable.

Anyone who didn’t know it before worked it out during the COVID years, as contract after contract was handed to politicians’ friends and relations, billions drained away, and then, when NHS staff say they are desperate for more staff, better wages, more resources, politicians suck their teeth and say “oh, we can’t afford our NHS any more.”

Don’t fall for it. Every single time they say that, we the public must come right back at them and say, “who are you giving the money to? Who is delivering these super-expensive ‘NHS’ services? Are they just another example of that ‘NHS’ test-and-trace scheme, that was no more and no less than a heist?”

Please take this seriously, please take action. On social media, at meetings, on the doorstep in local and national elections, every time a politician tells you they love the NHS, are committed to it, and want to see X billion of investment, ask them – WHO do you want to give that money to? Do you MEAN money for the NHS, or do you mean you’re going to carry on draining our NHS by paying privateers, and then tell us we can’t afford a proper NHS?

Support our essential workers

The line

So, the emergency response teams expect to be too busy on the 28th to be able to take action – but you know what? We could do it for them. It’s always good to get out in the fresh air after Christmas isn’t it? Please gather some friends on the 28th, head down to your nearest ambulance station, and have your own rally in support of NHS staff – take some placards and flags. If you haven’t got any, make yourself a “support our NHS” placard from some of that post-Christmas pile of boxes and things. It needn’t be anything complicated…

Home made banners: Support Essential workers and Fair Pay Now

Take some photos, bung them on social media, with a comment saying you see through the politicians’ smoke and mirrors, and you demand a properly funded NHS, and you won’t be fobbed off with profiteering contractors, because THEY are what we can’t afford.

Have a smashing break, and then please help us fill social media with “support our NHS” pics and messages on the 28th December.


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