If you’re not a big rally person be a local picket person

RMT at Hastings station March 18

And what to do if you too want to fight back against government-induced austerity but you can’t do either of those things.

Thursday and Saturday were both RMT strike days. There are still people working on our railways who are campaigning to reach a basic living wage…

Leaflet: how you can help

…whilst the railway execs continue to get ridiculously rich…

RMT table of execs pay increases

… it’s the same in most of our industries and services, so it’s important that we keep going with all our #CostOfLivingCrisis campaigns. Britain needs a pay rise!

This week, there have been a series of big rallies in London here’s one from the NEU teachers’ Pay Up campaign…

NEU London Mar 2023

… and today, because for the last few weeks, our Tory government has been busy trying to persuade everyone that asylum seekers washing up in dinghies on the south coast are the cause of all our problems (they don’t want you to think poverty and low wages are the problem) there are big anti-racism rallies in the big cities…

These are all really important things to be doing – well done if you’ve attended any of those rallies but, for any number of reasons, there are many who can’t, or really don’t like to, make it to big city rallies. If you are one of those people, please keep an eye on announcements from your local unions, or your local Trades Council. Here’s my local TUC…

Click here for Hastings and District Trades Council’s Facebook page.

They have a meeting this coming week to hear from a member of the Amazon warehouse workers’ campaign.

It’s rare, this year, that a whole week goes by without something you could support locally. Here’s one by the junior doctors at my local hospital this week…

Junior doctors at Conquest Hospital

…here’s today’s RMT picket in Hastings…

RMT at Hastings station March 18

…and one in Newcastle…

RMT at Newcastle station Mar 18

… and the one at Euston Station that Mick Lynch attended this morning…

RMT at Euston Mar18

So whether you’re an enthusiastic city rally person or not, please make sure you do something every week to help the workers who are pushing for decent wages and working conditions for all of us. I know there are people who really can’t do national or local rallies – for health, financial, or trying-to-do-two-jobs-to-pay-the-rent-whilst-bringing-up-kids reasons. If this is you, please keep an eye on your local unions/TUC pages and websites anyway – it helps to have some people noticing and sharing information and photos.

But if you possibly can, see you on a picket line somewhere soon!


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