Happy Critical Thinking Day

Today is the one day of the year where the vast majority of us will look critically at everything we see in the media and try to figure out whether it’s true or not.

It is possibly the most important day of the year. Please take advantage and get as much practice as you can because after midday, we’ll all go back to our default setting of believing everything we’re told right up until we can see something obviously wrong with it –

 – but really, don’t despair. That’s perfectly natural and normal. Stage one, initially believing everything, is necessary. You couldn’t get out of bed in the morning if you weren’t willing to believe the floor was still there to stand on. We just need to get quite a lot better at noticing when something turns out not to be true, and re-adjusting our belief when that happens.

Right, off to see if anyone’s said anything interesting on social media today. See you there – Good luck!


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