Dear Labour Party, thank you!

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Honestly, I never thought I’d need to write another “Dear Labour Party” blog and if I did, I certainly didn’t expect it to be a “thank you” but really, no-one has done as much to help publicize the disgraceful way the party “suits” spiked the Corbyn movement than the current Labour administration – first by outraging everyone with a batch of obviously unfair expulsions and suspensions, then by very publicly subverting democracy by denying North Islington the candidate they have consistently chosen for decades, and now this…

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It’s hard to think of anything more useful the party could have done for that film than contact a load of Labour members and warn them not to watch it. Are the Labour Party admins really so utterly humorless that they don’t have a Terry Pratchett fan amongst them?

I mean, back in 2019 I was one of thousands commenting on what happens when you try and ban a book…

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… and then again, in the women’s rights debate, we had so much help from the opposition that I eventually felt I had to write them a thank you letter.

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Dear, dear oh dear, Labour Party – You’re never going to learn, are you?

So, that being the case, I have two requests. Please would you contact all your members and tell them not to watch this film…

…because when they’ve all seen it, they might actually know what the women’s campaign has been about and be able to make up their own minds about all that sex-and-gender stuff. (If you’re in the party, and you are interested in this topic, try visiting the Labour Women’s Declaration – an organization of Labour Party members that the Labour Party seems not to want you to know about.)

Oh and dear, dear Labour Party, if you’ve any more self-destruct urges after that, please tell your members not to attend any of Nick Wallis’s talks about the Great Post Office Scandal…

Nick Wallis@ the fight to expose the multimillion pound Horizon IT disaster at the Post Office

… it’s not really to do with the Labour Party but it’s another issue that really should be more widely understood and debated, and you’re so good at this.

Thanks again, Labour Party for all your help!


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