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The Key to the World Beyond The Gate

There couldn’t possibly be another Timothy’s Gate novel, could there? I mean, in the first book, Timothy found the magical world of Challenrah behind a mysterious gate in the garden of the Grey Lady pub, near where he used to live – but now, he’s moved right across the world and will never see the Grey Lady’s garden again.

Timothy's Gate book cover
Timothy’s Gate – the first adventure

He’s having interesting times in his new home of Oceania, California. He’s made friends with a girl called Angela, and they’re working on a conservation project. It’s a good life – except that a girl called Madison wants to join in, and Tim’s not too sure about that. And he keeps having these dreams, where the grass is dying, and everything’s going wrong, in that once-upon-a-time magical land he used to know.

And then, on a walk along the Californian seashore with his dog, Jasper, he sees a gate that does not seem to go anywhere. Challenrah needs him again.

Book Two – The World Beyond The Gate

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The cover illustrations in both books are the work of Katy Jones, co-creator of the fabulous Froggicorn.

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Who loves Timothy’s Gate?

It’s not for scaredy-cats!

I think people of 9+ would like it more. It was slow going at first, but became very gripping. Tim seemed like he could belong in the real world. I could imagine people being like him, and whenever I look at a closed gate I do think of the story. It was a happy ending, but please write a sequel because I really want to find out what happens next.

I think that in the sequel, Tim and Angela would meet in America and would explore the new Door that is going to form.

My favourite bit was when it said ‘Tim lifted the padlock and threw it – straight at Myella’. [Mummy says ‘yes – she keeps reading this passage out to me!’]

There was a typo on page 174, 5th paragraph – it said ‘Tom’, not ‘Tim’ and at first I couldn’t understand why somebody called Tom had suddenly turned up!

By Rowan Savage, age 10

Timothy's Gate cover picA reply from Circaidy Gregory: Thanks Rowan, delighted to hear that you enjoyed the book, and it’s always useful to know which age-groups like a book best. (Rowan’s research also told us that the book works for guinea pigs, but possibly only in combination with dandelion leaves) and I promise we’ll sort out the typo before re-printing.

Author Sue Hoffmann has promised to give some thought to the idea of a sequel.

By the by, here’s something we came across on the beach the other day that made us wonder…


A mysterious gate on the beach

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Timothy’s Gate

A magic, hidden world just for you, just when you need it, what could go wrong?