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Timothy’s Gate

A magic, hidden world just for you, just when you need it, what could go wrong?

A magic, hidden world just for you, just when you need it, what could go wrong?

This week saw the launch of Sue Hoffmann’s latest fantasy tale, Timothy’s Gate and for me, this one is all set to be a success.

Timothy's Gate launch displayWhy does the old gate in the pub garden fascinate Tim? Why, after so long, was it Tim who found the key? In the secret world of Challenrah, Tim finds a refuge from problems at home, and from school bullies – but what are the strange shadows that follow him back into his own world?

The young reader will enjoy a traditional fantasy escape with Timothy, whilst considering some valuable truths about dealing with bullies, and other pressures, both personal and social. Older readers will have food for thought over making choices and taking responsibility.

The Author

High King cover imageAs an award winning author and a teacher of 25 years, Sue Hoffmann has a lifetime’s experience of creating and sharing stories. She will be taking Timothy’s Gate into schools and libraries, inspiring creative projects with the same imaginative style that she did with her previous fantasy work for young people, High King.

Please contact Sue, or Circaidy Gregory Press, if you’d like an event at your school on the theme of making judgements around escaping and/or facing danger.

The mysterious key, found lying in the grass

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