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Placard: if at first you don't succeed vote, vote and vote again

Everyone’s angry and frightened. ‘Even the rich’, I said, the other day, ‘because the rich follow the money, and the money for once just isn’t giving clear instructions.’

Just in case you’re not familiar with the expression, it’s like this: when things get confusing, when there are unstoppable forces around, causing changes we didn’t ask for, causing alarm, drawing everyone into a political battle, it’s time to ask – who’s spending? Who’s investing? Who’s getting rich on this? If you can work out who they are, and what their goals are, you’ll start to see what’s really happening. But right now…

Is the money confused?

Lately, it’s not been so easy to work out what The Money is trying to do – we know The Money backed Brexit – everyone knows about the Big Red Bus now – but The Money also backed The People’s Vote campaign – that campaign that was so well planned, so well organised and funded that it brought out, as many people proudly said on Saturday, a bigger crowd than “Don’t Attack Iraq” did.

Placard: Ooh Look! grammatically correct, properly spelt placards!Flat white

But it was a different crowd.

The “Don’t Attack Iraq” march brought out – well, everyone. As Ian Sinclair documented so well, that march forged never-seen-before alliances, alliances that reached across class, race and religious divides. That day’s action may not have stopped the war but it did, ultimately, break the Blair spell – and it prepared our society to start seeing itself as The Many who would gather around the banners of anti-war, anti-austerity and anti-climate destruction in the years that followed, in short, to become The Many who could challenge The Money.

Placard: you tell him he can't go skiing next year, TheresaWhich made Saturday look like Blair’s Revenge. Well that’s one view – if true, it was a revenge long in the making, but, but…

What does the money want now?

What else is The Money doing right now? What else is happening that’s particularly well-funded by organisations that worship money above people? We can’t possibly know all of it – but we do know that Chuka Umunna’s political party company, with its accounts safely stashed in a tax haven, is backed by The Money. We have evidence of some very strange pecuniary gains for Tom Watson, and for Dawn Butler (£14k to take your team to Los Angeles? Is that how an Equalities department should be run?) And there are those who already have more money than we can imagine, busy acting in its defence – Margaret Hodge might be one to consider there.

Placard: Trust me, I have a degree in geographyWhy do I only mention Labour or ex-Labour people? It’s not fair, is it. We tend to do that because everyone already knows the Tories are following the money. Isn’t it amazing, that well-heeled figures in both the major political parties are promoting the People’s Vote campaign. What do they really have in common?

But WHAT does the money want???

It can’t want Brexit AND to stop Brexit, can it?

It could if there was something that mattered more to The Money than whether we were in or out of the EU. Do you remember those far off days, around three years ago, when the EU wasn’t the love of our lives, when it wasn’t the most important thing to us? We even watched Greece and Spain fall into ruin, and asked ourselves if the EU might actually be more of an enemy than a friend. Could the whole in-out thing be a red herring? Is it distracting us from something worse?

I do believe that the disaster we all fear Brexit will be is also going to happen to us if we don’t shake off the grip of this austerity-weilding, war-industry supporting, fossil-fuel maintaining government.

Keep following the money, we’re nearly there

What are all those money projects doing – The “Leave/Remain is a disaster” project? the left-right split in Labour project? the anti-semitism in Labour versus Islamophobia in the Tory party project? The love-or-hate-the Schools Strike project? – and, for those who have had time to worry about it, the self-ID versus women’s rights project – what do they have in common?

They divide us, that’s what. They lead us to forget how optimistic we were a few years ago, when we felt everyone coming together to save our NHS, our railways, our public land and services, to help refugees, and try to stop wars…

We all trust Naomi Klein, don’t we? If you haven’t read The Shock Doctrine, maybe you should do so now. Just how many countries have been thrown into bitterness, division and chaos, and ultimately into poverty and wreckage, at a vast profit to people who were somehow somewhere else at the time? Why does that keep happening? Are they all just silly countries?

Is that over-dramatic? If you can’t believe there might be a real drive to destroy our country, can you perhaps believe that something threatened The Money’s grip on government in recent years? Can you believe there’s something out there that scared them so much they really felt the need to ramp up some chaos and hatred into a nationwide carnival of a distraction? What could that something be?

What could it be?


its you

A people united will never be defeated.




3 responses to “Follow The Money”

  1. Following the money…..or who will ultimately financially benefit from any happening/event will usually give a clear indication as to the actual reasons (behind all the smokescreens and sleight of hand) for something happening. BUT sometimes it’s not so easy to follow. I must admit Brexit – the reasons for and against – has me completely confused.

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    • I would suggest completely confused is exactly how you’re supposed to be. And while you’re struggling to understand that that has not been, and will not be, explained, just how much further damage has this government done to all the things you’re *not* currently looking at?


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