Time to shop local!

HAstings fresh fruit and vegetables 1

Not so far from the supermarket queue…

Standing in line, pouring respect and praise on those “unskilled workers” who are doing such an admirable job of making supermarkets safe and civilised spaces for large numbers of people to shop… We take our hats off to the shelf-stackers and the check-out staff and those who are now meet-and-greeters and hand-gel sharers and deliverers and directors and doers of all those new things that suddenly need doing – Clap? Give them badges? Fair enough – but more importantly, be nice to them, and never again let any politician call them “unskilled” or “casual staff”, and let’s lobby like crazy for all shop staff to get job security and better wages from now on.

Little shops come into their own

IDEAL supermarket, Queens RoadDid you know, Hastings, that there are shops in Queens Road that never ran out of loo roll? Did you know there are shops in Queens Road that, as well as your dinner, can offer you pretty much everything you need for your kitchen, your bathroom and your unexpected evenings-in? Sometimes, a little shop that looks like “just a news agent” from the front actually has just what you need for supper down the back aisles somewhere.

I’m amazed at the speed with which some these little shops have adapted their very limited space to social distancing, pulled together home-delivery for those who need it, and made whatever changes necessary to meet our suddenly very different needs.

Ranya mini-market“Shop local” makes more sense than ever – and when this is all over, please do not forget – those of us who live near the town have excellent little shops a five minute walk away – shops where you almost never need to queue.

Some have had to close for now – but while you’re on your way to the shops that are open – the greengrocer, the butcher, the baker or the takeaway in Queens Road, or London Road, or the Old Town, do read the messages on the windows of the shops that are closed, as well. Many of them have contact numbers and distance or delivery services on offer.

Contact info for some Queens Road shops

If you want to keep your local shops, please keep using them. If you live near the town, please leave your car at home and shop more locally in future!


For your lock-down evenings reading, contact Printed Matter Bookshop or Bookbuster (click to email).


Below is a message to those shopkeepers from one of our councillors – because our council want to make sure our local businesses who have had to close, or who have lost trade, do manage to keep going through these strange times, and be there for us in the future…

We so value the businesses in our town and, in particular, the incredible contribution of the independent businesses in Queens Road, new and old. We are very concerned about the impact of the lock down on so many of the businesses – it is not as though running a business was easy before.

We really hope that you have been able to access the support regarding the business rates and also grants. The council has been managing to deal with the applications and enquiries and as the systems are bedded down, things are moving more swiftly. If you need more information do check the website  and, of course, feel free to contact me or Judy, Castle Ward councillors – cllr.leah.levane@hastings.gov.uk and cllr.judy.rogers@hastings.gov.uk

We would be very interested to know how you are managing and to be in touch as and when lock down is lifted.

Cllr. Leah Levane

Castle Ward
Hastings Borough Council
Muriel Matters House
Breeds Place
Hastings, TN34 3UY




And just in case: emergency help for everyone…

Hastings Covid-10 community support hotline 01424 451019

One response to “Time to shop local!”

  1. I often do shop local for some stuff, fresh veg, curry ingredients, naans, milk, etc. but I do the supermarkets for vegetarian meals such as frozen lasagne and veggie sausages, as well as cat food. I’m lucky to have plenty of good local shops though, living in an area with a large Asian community there’s plenty of good quality fresh veg.


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