Is our Post failing?

Royal Mail van and postal worker

I’ve had a lot of post arriving well over the one-day or two-or-three-day expectation of first and second class post in recent months.

Most notably, on the 31st of January, I received three letters, all of which had been posted in December.

I have a book launched this weekend without all the necessary books in the necessary places, and I have no idea whether this is because orders placed one, two and three weeks ago went by mail and didn’t arrive at the distributor or whether the distributor just isn’t keeping up with their own job (because distributors don’t feel obliged to tell little publishers what they are doing).

Yesterday, I was in a conversation concerning someone who received an overdue payment notice and a surcharge from a gas company followed a day later by a final demand – and he’s still waiting for the actual bill to turn up – I realised that’s about the forth time lately I’ve heard a story like that.

Is the Post failing, has anyone noticed, and if so, what do we do about it? Are the powers that be trying to let it fall into disuse, as they tried to do with cheques a while back, and are now trying to do with cash?

Does this matter as much as I suspect it does? I know it’s not ‘our postal service’ any more, but it’s on the long list of things that have been stolen from us that I dare to hope it may be retrievable one day. Is this a bizarre hope that died with the Corbyn movement? Do you remember how universally popular all those Save Our Post Office/Postal Service campaigns were?

Answers on a postcard please – no, no, not really! Or maybe we should run an experiment where you date it and send it by Royal Mail, and we see if post marks still work, and how long the post *actually* takes!


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