Amplifying Elaine

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This may shock you, but if you haven’t already, we need you to look at this – we really, really do. (I’ll get to what you need to look at in a minute…)

I think this is world-changing information – maybe it’s going to break through anyway – it’s got 6000 views in a couple of weeks but it is so important, this is me trying to give it a bit of help along the way.

I’m writing this introduction because I find that even people who do have a bit of an inkling about what sexism is, and what feminism is, are inclined to think some women are just being unnecessarily explicit, that they are upsetting people, that they could just be a bit ‘nicer’ and things would work out.

This video will explain to you just what there is to be gained (it is IMMENSE) by women – everyone in fact – learning to talk more fearlessly, more explicitly and more often, about things pertaining to the female body, and just what women are losing, all the time, every day, through being unable to, and about why so many women are unable to. I would not be at all surprised to discover the same is true of males (vide Movember).

But what I’m talking about now is a half-hour long video. If you’re a woman reading this, and having doubts – please listen to the first ten minutes or so – that will give you a complete picture of the *first* point, and I think it will inspire you to carry on, and maybe share that information.

If you’re a bloke reading this, yeah, it’s probably scary territory but if you could just manage to listen to a bit of it, I think you may begin to see what we mean. See if you can manage ten minutes. Grit your teeth and watch the minutes tick by on the time-line, if you have to.

Good luck…

I hope you listened to some of it. I hope that, next time someone says women should be more careful, and avoid those ‘harmful’ allusions to female bodies, or they say the ‘sex matters’ campaign should be run more quietly, with more ‘nuance’ so as not to offend, you could perhaps begin to explain to them what is at stake.

If you listened to all of it, you will have heard what she said about women’s anger. I think that is key, and I think it is wonderful. It is what this movement is made of, and is evidence that we will sort this out for everyone – “even the women who don’t like us.”

I hear colleagues on the Left constantly say, re the trans debate...

If you listened to all of the video, thank you. Sincerely. Please think about the fact that until recently, not very many women knew this stuff. The ones that know it, in many cases know it because they associate with ‘hateful bigoted’ feminists who insist on talking to women about women or even (gasp) talking to the world at large about women. I hope you will use that knowledge.

If you are reading this in the day or two after I posted it (end of March, 2022) please also look at this from BPAS, one of my personal favourite women-supporting organisations. This is yet another urgent issue which really does not get enough daylight.


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2 responses to “Amplifying Elaine”

  1. I’ve already shared this on Facebook, by e-mail and on WhatsApp … according to the preferred platforms used by family and friends. One female friend has already commented that the information in this video, of Elaine’s wonderful talk, about women’s bodies / health opened her eyes. She had no idea. About issues concerned with her own body. I’m going to share this again with your introduction Kay. I’m going to keep sharing it. Women’s bodies are women’s bodies. We go through so much. And some of it, crucial aspects of our health, as Elaine so clearly explains, could be alleviated by good medical advice. Poor quality of mid and later life, cardiac disease, suicide … could all be avoided if only women were given good medical advice.
    Is it any wonder that with the kind of neglect shown to women and outlined by Elaine, our sex is being sidelined and our rights as women are being stolen by imposter men. Everyone really does need to listen to this talk and share it. And keep sharing it. It’s one of the most important, knowledgeable, caring and science-based talks, sparkling with Elaine’s unique humour, that I’ve heard in a very long time. Her patients are lucky and we should all be very grateful to her.

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    • Thank you, Julia. I also had a friend tell me recently about a friend of hers who ended up parked in a geriatric ward when what she urgently needed was a cardiologist. We need to do a LOT MORE LOUD TALKING. Thanks for the shares and things!


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