Let’s try the Alien trick again…

Just landed from Mars. First up, I looked for somewhere to live. Ye gods, rents are expensive!

Found out about jobs, and went to look for one – which was puzzling.

Most jobs require the applicant to have a car and a mobile phone. Looked at the prices and running costs of cars and mobile phones, looked again at the wages and hours of the jobs available, and thought – none of these jobs are offering enough that the applicant could pay rent and maintain and use a car and a mobile phone.

And that’s before you start looking around for money for anything else – like food, and…

No wonder this planet is dysfunctional. Let’s go somewhere else.

If you’re set on the idea of sticking with planet earth, please support the TUC ‘Demand Better’ campaign. Our country needs a pay-rise.

How to get a pay rise

(Or a reduction in your bills, or a new government, or anything else you and everyone else need…)

Facebook post

If you don’t have a workplace, or don’t have one you can see how to organise, organise your community group, or your street, or your family!


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