Early morning picket line

RMT picket line, Hastings, August 2022

Having a busy day on, I decided to visit today’s RMT picket in Hastings before I got started — of course, 7.30 in the morning isn’t particularly early to most of our key workers.

ticket office staff wearing ESSENTIAL WORKERS teeshirts
As someone with a collection of minor disabilities, I really appreciate station staff and train crews wearing those ‘essential worker’ t-shirts. I’m not so impaired that I qualify for official assistance but I really don’t think I could cope with train travel without the advice of humans in the ticket offiice, and the help of platform and train crews. They would be recognised as essential to anyone running a public service, rather than a profiteering company.

On the way to the station, I noticed some newly decorated lamp posts…

… don’t forget, the strikes and demos you see this summer are for all of us. Even if you don’t have a job, even if you’re not in a union, you can join in any one of them, and help to push the government into doing something more helpful than argue about the cost-of-living crisis that’s made a nonsense of the paltry pay rises that have been offered to some, and the complete lack of a pay-rise facing others, and left us all to struggle with rising prices and bills.

See you on a picket line somewhere, or at the People’s Assembly gathering on Saturday, if you’re in Hastings!


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