What I will remember

St David's Hall balcony

Standing on the fourth floor balcony in St David’s Hall in Cardiff, my head spinning amid the three days, 100 speakers, 70 nationalities of FiLiA 2022, a moment to look out across the bewildering mass of Victorian stone and autumn treetops to the hills, and breathe fresh air.

St David's Hall balcony with reflections

I look the other way and see layer upon layer of glass, steel and concrete that every city presents when looked on from above. A scene that speaks of sci-fi dystopia or the endless exciting buzz of city life, depending on your mood.

Today, misty rain. In my ears, the eternal background noise of distant traffic and air-filters from hum to rail-road rattle, but then something resolves itself from the noise – it sounds like – it is!

St David's Hall stairwell

Celestial, choral voices. Women’s voices, raised in political song.

Where are they coming from?

St David's Hall atruim with balloons in suffragette colours

The fairytale proves true.

Singers in the atrium

Somewhere in the sci-fi dystopian layers, amid the tyranny of the city, voices will always be heard.

St David's Hall entrace - the choir

What I will remember is that where there is song, there is spirit and where there is spirit, there is hope. Sing on, Cwyfen.

Cwfen - the choir


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One response to “What I will remember”

  1. Ah, I did not discover the roof! But I discovered the wonderful concert piano on the hallway stage and played on it 🙂


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