A message to Helena Dollimore from a former Labour voter

Helena Dollimore elected as Merton Councillor

Dear Helena Dollimore,

Judging by your canvassing and emails to the members and supporters of Hastings and Rye Labour Party, you are concerned about the fate of our NHS. I haven’t seen you at any of the local trade union rallies, nor have I seen a coherent response from you to our concerns about your presenting NHS destroyer Wes Streeting as guest of honour at the local Labour Party (which you now appear to run) Christmas party. I do understand how someone who’s very busy doing two full time jobs might be fooled by Streeting. Here’s a helping hand…

Dr Bob Gill explains the problem with politicians like Wes Streeting…

I am trying to believe you might want to understand this. Either you don’t really care about our NHS or the message just isn’t reaching you. I’m told you are very busy, being a ‘community engagement’ councillor in Merton and a would-be MP for Hastings and Rye, and I can believe you might be feeling secure because the remaining active members of the local party think you and Streeting are a success because you smile a lot but you know, most of us left when Starmer’s administration suspended or expelled our best activists. I’m worried about this because the remainder really do not represent a voting majority in our town, and I want to see an end to destructive governments that favour only the wealthy, so here’s the benefit of the doubt for you. Please read this…

Linda Wilde presented the SHA statement about our NHS on her facebook page (I’ve put a couple of clips below this panel, in case it’s too small, or you’re too busy to read the whole thing).

Here are the most important bits…

Except from SHA statement
Except from SHA statement

The Socialist Health Association statement is not just a factional, “lefty” response. They are explaining what the Labour Party Conference agreed was the risk to our NHS, and what MPs need to do (and stop doing) if they want to save our NHS. Please take action. I have no idea who I will be able to vote for with good conscience in the next election but perhaps if I could see you taking serious action aimed at NHS reinstatement, I could do what I always used to do, and vote Labour, but…

clip from Merton TV announcing their councillor is now standing for Hastings and Rye

Click here to read Merton TV article about their councillor standing for Hastings and Rye as well

What we need

An MP who will stand firmly with a campaign for full NHS reinstatement

A reclamation of services such as chiropody, care for the elderly and dentistry which either were never properly taken on or have been progressively channelled, via “social care” into private provision

An NHS which trains and employs its own full staff so that our National Health Service is directly delivering comprehensive health care

What you are offering

By echoing the campaign messaging of politicians such as Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper and Wes Streeting, you are promoting a system that will result in health care being provided by a complex web of insurance schemes and one-off, private treatments which working people – that is, most of us – will not be able to afford. If you do that, you will have lost a large proportion of what used to be the local Labour vote in Hastings and Rye, and we will have lost the NHS we all need.


Dear Reader,

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One response to “A message to Helena Dollimore from a former Labour voter”

  1. Thanks Kay – very good….

    a typo — under the image of Bob Gill and Wes Streeting

    a voting majority in our town, and I want to see and end to destructive governments that

    Still trying to juggle priorities in many domains and getting little actually done.


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