It is a lie…

RCN striker wearing 'The Voice of Nursing' tabard

It is a lie when they tell us we can’t afford our National Health Service any more. The money they are pouring into the pockets of private profiteers, to make up the lack their cuts created is enough to pay our NHS staff and emergency response workers properly.

Howard Beckett meme

It is a lie, to say that using more of these extortionately expensive private ‘options’ will help us. Please keep supporting our NHS workers on strike days. The government won’t pay them properly unless they see us standing up for them.

Hastings Conquest Hospital, 6th February

Hastings Ambulance Station, 6th February

GMB picket at Hastings ambulance station

Today, the FBU announced that the firefighters have voted to strike. They are giving the government a couple of days to agree to talk pay rises. Don’t let the government claim they can’t afford it.

The NHS workers are striking again on the 7th. Please go support them if you can. On Thursday, the CWU are striking. Hastings, if you drive by Braybrooke sorting office on Thursday morning, please give a hoot to support our posties. If you’re on foot, please go give them a cheer.

This government will not pay our essential workers properly unless we all show we are supporting them. Please tell your MP, we do not intend to vote for anyone who doesn’t support our essential workers. Tell them we will not vote for anyone who claims we can’t afford our NHS, then plans to give money to privateers.


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