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The day we almost saw what Eton Boys really think of us (amended post)

On 29th November, The Daily Mirror carried a front page that told us what Johnson thinks of us but…

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An appeal to the Sisterhood

How do we talk feminism and raise Women’s issues in the Labour movement?Guest post by Paula Boulton

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It could have been me

It’s been a year since Maria McLachlan was attacked. This guest post by Paula Boulton is an example of the journey many of us have been on in the last 12 months… KG

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Neoliberalism v People?

It was a “public consultation” apparently – or was it a “community forum”? Anyway, it was being run by a couple of people from Post Office Ltd, who didn’t take very kindly to community member Mil Rai suggesting that if it was a community forum, the attendees, being locals, were in charge of it.

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Why guns won’t save Amber Rudd

Donnachadh McCarthy has been arrested numerous times. Why? He was never a violent man, never a criminal of any kind. He was a classical ballet dancer until a few seconds before someone said “you were supposed to catch him just then.”