Does end-game capitalism appear as a gas bill?

Garden bonfire

We have quite simply decided not to risk putting the heating on any time, ever. It’s jumpers over jumpers, socks over socks and if there is another really cold night – I don’t know, go in the garden and huddle round the bonfire bin? Slow-cook some vegetables and sit round the oven?

Himself doesn’t look at social media much so he was a bit puzzled when he told me the heating bill’s £40 a month more than it should be, and I replied ‘what a relief’. Yeah, finding another £40 a month will hurt us. Yeah, we can’t afford it but I have seen the wails of dismay on FB as people get bills that are *hundreds* of pounds more than they had budgeted for.

And that’s just gas. We are very, very obviously being robbed at every turn.

And this isn’t about wars or sanctions. Companies are increasing their profits and dividends, because no-one is stopping them.

What’s to be done? I wonder if anyone even remembers that there used to be this thing where wages – and interest on those things we used to call ‘savings’ were supposed to match price-rises. There are people around who have no-where else to dig for the always-more money. What are companies going to do when the majority of their customers just can’t pay? Do they *intend* to destroy themselves, or do they have some other plan?

I know some commentators have said that this isn’t capitalism any more, that capitalism is over, and we are now in tail-spin. (In the video linked to here, YV presents the evidence that things like ‘free market’, ‘competition’ and ‘capitalism’ that our governments pretend are the basis of economics are over, if they ever existed – when a big so-called business runs into trouble now, investors rush to *buy* shares in it – why? Because they know that politicians will not allow the big-money concerns to crash. They know that those shares will be doing fine soon, their value bloated by huge injections of public money.)

Any offers as to what’s going to happen next?

Meantime I’m off to the end of the garden, to see if we have any decently burnable wood…


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