About those energy bills

a mash up of energy company logos and slogans

20% … 30% … someone just said 40% … someone just said *what*? How much have your latest bills gone up? Can *you* afford it? Can you fight the energy companies alone? No, so –

Please don’t let this pass, please don’t let it slip off the agenda. People will be losing their homes and their health because of this. People who have already lost their homes and their health during these years of austerity will be facing destitution because of it.

It’s happening to all of us.

TUC meme – ‘energy bills are set to rise at least 14 times faster than wages’

It’s not because of the war. We can see that because energy companies’ profits have been going up and up. It’s not even because they’re passing on the expense of war to their customers to protect their profits – their profits are STILL going up. It’s because they can. It’s because the government won’t attempt to stop them.

Movements that get results don’t start because a bunch of beardy newspaper sellers share out placards. They start when enough people see they are being robbed, when they have nothing left to give up, so they stand together and fight back. Please share this article – or go talk to some people about it. The first thing we need is for enough people to be aware:

This is too much for us to bear.

This is not because of any war.

This is because energy companies have seen an opportunity to take the rest of your money, maybe to give to millionaire share-holders, or to spend on new projects next year.

They don’t need that money.

You do.

Don’t forgive, don’t forget, don’t keep quiet. Find more people to stand with, and prepare to fight back.


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