The RMT cleaners’ dispute has gone national!

RMT fair pay for rail cleaners placard

This is really good news for ALL of us. Read on to find out why…

It’s not easy to find the determination to turn up and stand on a picket line in the rain, especially right after Christmas but the RMT train cleaners managed it up and down the country today, as their part in the #EnoughIsEnough protests against the #CostOfLiving scandal went national.

No matter how much the right-wing, mendacious media try to give the impression every trade union rep who gets any kind of attention is an overpaid ‘baron’, there is no industry that does not have, somewhere in their companies, people who are on criminally low wages, people who don’t have secure work contracts, people who are ‘hired out’ by contractors, and end up paying over the odds for the privilege of getting to work.

RMT why we support train cleaners notice

A very obvious example of this is the often zero-hour contract based, outsourced jobs that the railway companies take advantage of. Train cleaners for example are still battling to win a living wage from the contractors, such as Churchill, who employ them. There is no logical reason why these companies refuse to pay their staff decently – their profits are on the rise. They are safe and secure. Why should not the cleaners have the same good fortune?

Please help if you can. In many areas, local Trades Union Councils are issuing lists of meeting places and times for picket lines in the various #EnoughIsEnough strikes. Please find them, print off a list for yourself, and go along and give your support whenever you can.

Whether that’s possible for you or not, please join in this action to send a message to the Transport Secretary in support of the train cleaners…

RMT cleaners petition

Click here for how to support the train cleaners

Please be aware that if your job’s less than secure, if you’re not getting a proper, living wage, you are also at the mercy of the DWP for ‘top up’ benefits so it’s a scary business going on strike, but if trade union activists gave up and stopped campaigning for decent wages, ALL employers would take advantage, and we’d ALL find our wages dropping so it’s in EVERYONE’S interest to keep supporting the strikes, and help them to grow, until we make our government understand that #EnoughIsEnough. We ALL need decent wages.

See you on a picket line somewhere!


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