What do we want…?

NEU main banner

Today, 1st February 2023, the NEU teachers join in the #CostOfLivingCrisis wave of strikes, and this morning in Hastings, all the trade unions and other groups who answered the call #HastingsDemandsBetter gathered in support. Himself and I looked in at Hastings Station, where there was an ASLEF picket line, passed the government buildings where the PCS were out, and on to the seafront…


Teachers were picketing schools across the country, including in Hastings.

The gathering on the seafront gradually turned sea-blue, as the NEU arrived from their various school meeting points.

NEU flag
NEU flags

Support was offered by the GMB, the FBU, UNISON, Unite, Unite Community, the RMT, and a range of local and single-issue campaign groups, as well as individuals who had their own reasons for deciding #EnoughIsEnough.

The cry went up…

What do we want?

Teachers are suffering from a huge range of problems now, related to poor pay, underfunded schools and in Hastings, all the problems of poverty in the community. What do we want? A group of teachers near me went into a huddle. Lots of things! cried one. Others said, Glue sticks! Blue tac! But consensus was soon reached…

David Hamet FB post on teachers' pay negotiations

What do we want?

More pay!

The march began…

March in Hastings 2

We filled the town centre. The NEU processed to a rally in the Observer buildings…

Hastings NEU rally

Where we heard, among other things, about the estimated half a million people on strike today. Please support the strikes where you are. You can join in through your union, through your local TUC or People’s Assembly, or just come along with friends. We all need a pay rise. We all need better public services. We need to work together.

Peoples assembly stall at NEU rally

There were several political parties looking for support at today’s rally, as well. My answer to them is, let’s see which parties are really supporting our fightback against #TheCostOfLivingCrisis Let’s see which parties are really supporting our unions, our NHS, our teachers and other key workers. At rallies like this, you get a chance to tell them what you want. It’s up to them to earn our votes in the next election. #EnoughIsEnough.


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