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No Post Today

Have you noticed just how many services and facilities just shut down the minute their managers saw snow falling from the sky?

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I feel like doing a bit of roaring

Hastings Town Centre Post Office has gone. The building is still there, with its Mercury heads on the window capitals gazing sadly over empty space. There was some talk of turning it into a Nandos. Oh good. We need another restaurant. We campaigned, we argued, we persisted – our MP, Amber Rudd, promoted a ‘consultation’ which asked everyone what they would rather have *instead of* their Post Office.

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The great government debt scam

I’m delighted to have a guest-post here from Keith Lindsay-Cameron, the man who’s famous around social media for writing a letter a day to number 10. It is a fantastic addition to our information for campaigners and activists collection – KG.

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Slash, Trash and Privatise

The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it” – probably there are more people arguing about which politician misquoted which here than there are seriously fighting for the NHS – but whoever said it, the statement appears to be true.