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Who do we give in to?

That’s the kind of question 21st century feminists should be asking, is it?

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We have now seen Women’s Rights Declarations from women in all the major parties.

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Dear Labour Party…

A message to Labour Party members about the current conflict over ‘sex’ and ‘gender’

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The women are back in town

On Monday, I went to a meeting in London. I have set out, four times in the last two days, to do a write up. Each time, I went into high-energy, high-speed mode, and ended up with half a dozen pages of what was mostly a rant aimed at my CLP, and other organisations that claim to know the meaning of solidarity.

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Why Come to the Great Gender Debate?

For over 100 years – actually, probably for over a thousand – women have been fighting for equal rights in most societies around the world. That experience means that women already active in such campaigns have a natural affinity for other disadvantaged groups when they stand up for their own rights. So where did what appears to be a ‘women’s rights v trans rights’ stance come from?